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How Flype is transforming international delivery with blockchain technology

Every day there are thousands of people traveling from every city to the entire world. If a person and a parcel need to reach the same place at roughly the same time, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to connect the two, turning passengers into couriers? For a reasonable reward, there are few people who would not be willing to pop a parcel into their bag and earn from their journey. So in the world of the shared economy, why can’t I do this? Ultimately, it comes down to the issue of trust and security. Luckily, however, there is a new factor in the equation – it comes by the name of Flype, and promises to solve these problems, using Blockchain technology to give us the keys of success for building the world’s first international delivery platform that is solely based on peer-to-peer interactions.

The Flype Mission

The Flype mission is simple and straighforward –

“to enable any person in the world to perform an international delivery service and earn money through it.”

As well as helping passengers to make their trips even more worthwhile and potentially helping to make essential journeys pay for themselves, there are several other benefits to the Flype concept too, in particular a more reliable, faster and environmentally friendly international delivery service.

The technology to deliver

The real beauty of Flype’s revolutionary solution to the international delivery problem is in pure simplicity of the underlying technology. Based solely on peer-to-peer interactions, the approach requires no logistics of its own, helping to eliminate unnecessary costs, resulting in cheaper deliveries for customers and higher rewards for parcel carriers.  Flype’s P2P marketplace connects anyone who want to send packages internationally with travelers. Any traveler can use the platform to sell and perform an international delivery service to the city they are traveling to. All of this is secured by Blockchain based smart contracts, which facilitate the entire delivery and insurance processes to give everybody involved total peace of mind.

A winning team

Technology aside, the team behind the Flype solution also tells a lot about the ambitions of this growing company. The main operational team is led by co-founders Yousif Touza and Dani Daryaweesh, who are supported by an incredible pool of talent. Everybody on the team has a proven track record in their area of specialty, making Flype an organisation that promises to stay ahead of its game.

Supporting Touza and Daryaweesh is a dream team of advisors – sitting alongside Conscious Capitalist Mark Hamade and Stefan Bergström on the Advisory Board is none other than the legendary King of Crypto himself, Mr. John McAfee.

Prototype Completed

Although still in its early days, the Flype project has already got testing of a prototype service well underway, and recently won a prestigious award – the Top Idea Award at the 2018 Venture Cup in Sweden, one of the most prestigious awards in Sweden for startup companies. Such an award is just recognition that a project that is pledging to use Blockchain technology in the mainstream to address real-world problems.

Using the functional prototype, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in the Flype marketplace, with the ability to:

Search in cities
Send & receive offers
Monitor the entire delivery process
Receive delivery verification
Set up a user profile
Review & rating deliveries
Send and receive messages

Give Flype a helping hand

Flype is currently participating in a competition with a chance of winning $100,000. Please help them reach their goal by clicking on the link below and voting for Flype! At the last update, they were just 50 votes away from the 1st place, and with your help they can make it!!!

To learn more about Flype visit


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