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How Funarcade’s Beta Testnet Will Introduce New Gaming Opportunities in Web 3.0

Are you an avid gamer who is always on the lookout for exciting opportunities to use your passion for gaming to earn? Then you must be familiar with the growing trend of gaming in the Web 3.0 metaverse. 

With the play-2-earn gaming model being revolutionized in the crypto and Web 3.0 world, new and emerging projects are introducing Web 2.0 players to similar, but better, gaming and earning opportunities through a decentralized platform solution. 

In fact, the concept’s ground-breaking financial model was a major draw for millions of users. Simply by participating in a Web 3.0 game, individuals are able to acquire cryptocurrency. 

Introducing a similar opportunity to casino game lovers, Funarcade is enabling online casino gamers to win in crypto with its beta testnet. Here, you don’t just win, but you can also win big, by participating in this beta testnet of Funarcade. 

On April 19th, the project took to Twitter to announce the launch of its incentivized testnet on May 8th. 

According to the platform, the beta version’s incentivized testnet will allow early players to participate in testing interesting casino games. According to the project’s tokenomics, Funarcade allocates 1M FAT token out of 100M FAT tokens to reward the participants.

 This means you don’t only get to participate in a decentralized and revolutionizing casino gaming experience, but you can also win FAT tokens through your participation. 

A Gaming Opportunity You Shouldn’t Miss! 

As a unique gaming model to step into the Web 3.0 metaverse, the Funarcade community is all excited to be a part of this beta testnet and explore the unique features of this gaming project. 

Apart from the launch of this much-awaited beta testnet for the players to play and win, the access to Funarcade’s growing and active Web 3.0 gaming community is another thing that is grabbing the interest of gamers on a broader scale. Hence, this community-focused online casino is already becoming trending and seeking attention in the metaverse. 

Moreover, every participant’s involvement in the game will be precious to the Funarcade team, who will prioritize the testing experience and feedback of these early game testers.

Furthermore, what makes this project stand out in the community is its focus on both on and off-chain components to deliver a seamless web2-like gambling experience. Additionally, Funarcade combines web3 profit distribution and transparency methods with this gaming model. 

So for all the passionate gamers looking for earning opportunities, this is your time to step into the metaverse with Funarcade’s beta testnet and earn rewards in FAT. 

Does this sound like the opportunity you have long waited for? Then don’t miss participating in this beta testnet on the 8th of May, and mark your calendars now!

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