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How Players Are Taking Control of Character Creation

In the older days of gaming, a player making use of a character was straightforward; when a player logged into the game, they were presented with a pre-determined number of characters, each with its own features and abilities and those were their only options when it came to gameplay.  

Over time, the ability to customize characters was introduced. Now, players can change a character’s outfit or hair and this makes gameplay a lot more fun for the players. These days, this concept has been taken to the next level, moving beyond just aesthetic choices. Now, players can create a character from scratch within some gaming universes and even financially benefit from doing so. 

This is becoming popular also with the increased interest in metaverses- an incoming version of the internet where users are connected via online 3D environments and avatars. Because these metaverses will require a great deal of user interactivity, character creation control is becoming more of a necessity. 

A Brand New Way to Play

The old way of playing games was a very passive way in that players were limited in the types of characters that they could make use of and the ways that they could use these characters. These days, there is more emphasis on metaverse and the use of social media has fostered more interactive communities around different games. These communities do everything from discussing game strategy to creating fan art.

Simply put, the players have more collective power when it comes to the games that they play and this creativity and energy are being tapped into by the game developers. More specifically, players are being given the power to create their own characters and play as them within the theme of the game’s universe. 

Take Mytheria, an NFT-based trading card game that is focused on gods and mythologies. Within this game, players are able to create their own characters and cards and play as them. Beyond this, there is also the play-to-earn feature through which they can actually make money from their creations. There is a specific artists’ community within Mytheria called GODFORGE where players can display their artworks and create characters. 

Mytheria specifically targets the digital art crowd and on its platform, players can create digital artwork and this artwork can, in turn, be traded among other users. This way, the creators can make an income from it. 

The artwork can also be included in the main game through a voting system. If a piece of art proves to be popular among users, it can be made a part of the main gameplay and this earns the creator even more rewards. In a sense, the gaming universe is being crafted by the players who engage with it in real-time. 

The game itself is free to play and can be used in a number of different ways. There is the option to play against other characters or to team up with them and compete together. The more games and challenges a character wins, the higher their rank and reward. Some of the art to be used, obviously, will come from community-generated content and those who are featured will be rewarded along with getting to see their creations at the forefront of the game that they play.

The Era of Fan-Generated Characters 

Far from a trend, letting players have more control of the character creation process is best for all. On the players’ end, they can express themselves and have a more enjoyable game experience if they are allowed to design characters. In the case of games like Mytheria, they can even be financially rewarded for their efforts. 

Create-to-earn is also more prominent in Gamefi these days and shows no signs of stopping. Create-to-earn is a gaming system in which players receive either monetary rewards or digital assets that can be sold for monetary rewards as they play. This is in stark contrast to the old gaming system where virtual prizes with no real-world value were given. 

It also means that they have a more vested interest in the game itself given that they have invested their creative efforts into it and have fostered a community around it. For the game developers, this means more loyal players across the board. 

It also often means more support from this community. Mytheria, for example, is planning to launch its IDO, which will mark the first time that its native MYRA token will be listed on various launchpads. The IDO’s will begin on Nov 16th on well-performing launchpads such as Kaistarter, Polkastarter, and Redkite. 

The venture capital world has also seemingly taken notice, as Mytheria has seen backing from firms such as J Squared Group, Morningstar Ventures, Youbi, Formless Capital, Fomocraft, Master Ventures, DFG, Spark Digital Capital, Kardia Ventures, Axia 8, HashKey Group, Bitscale Capital, and Mask Network.

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With the success and support that such games have seen in recent times, we can expect that some level of user-generated character ability will become the norm within the industry as time goes on, with both the developers and the fans reaping the benefits. Just like with the overall concept of a metaverse, users can be made more connected and enjoy a more interactive experience online. It is no doubt, however, that user-created characters will play a role in this well into the future. 

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