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In a Way, Immortal” – The First Art NFT by FC Barcelona being auctioned at Sotheby

FC Barcelona, the football club, is collaborating with BCN Visuals to produce a Hollywood-worthy audiovisual digital art NFT with VIP benefits to recreate the moment of Johan Cruyff’s legendary 1973 flying kick and goal. The auction is taking place live at Sotheby’s New York on 29th July. 

In A Way, Immortal – FC Barcelona

It is the first NFT in the history of FC Barcelona that will memorialize Johan Cruff’s legendary Stadium moment that took place in 1973 on 22nd December. The auction will be a hybrid online-live auction which will include one-of-one animated editions of In a Way, Immortal, along with four additional NFTs with still images from the animated version capturing the legendary goal. 

“The NFT In a Way, Immortal will be forever linked to my father’s legacy. He would have been fascinated to see that one of his most beautiful goals with FC Barcelona has been the inspiration to create this unique piece of digital art that we hope will be enjoyed, admired and remembered forever.” Said Jordi Cryuff, the son of Johan Cruyff. 

The NFT was produced by the club with the help of BCN Visuals, and the buyers will be entitled to various VIP Club-based benefits and experiences. The collection contains ten works that will be presented piece-by-piece over the next few months, featuring iconic moments in the history of FC Barcelona. The collection represents the club’s intention to adopt technology and innovation to memorialize unforgettable cultural moments.

“Barça with more than 400 million followers in social networks is constantly opening new ways to connect with our fans, and we believe that with the Clubs new NFT strategy we found a unique opportunity to continue growing and consolidating the Barça brand. We’re delighted to feature Johan Cruyff in our first FC Barcelona Masterpiece “IN A WAY, IMMORTAL,” with Johan having such a huge influence on FC Barcelona as a Club, but on modern Football as it is played today in general. This being captured in such an artistic way is a great from of paying tribute to Johan Cruyff, this iconic moment and to the whole legacy and historical heritage of FC Barcelona.”


More information about the collection can be found at It is a truly remarkable unique NFT collection that celebrates several years of football history. 

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