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Initialize Metaverse: The New Metaverse Hotspot

If social media has been an important communication tool, then the “metaverse” could be the next frontier of connectivity and interaction. Every metaverse environment will be culturally specific, nuanced, and immersive, creating opportunities for varied means of communication. It’s important to understand that the Metaverse isn’t a pinpoint virtual world, but a step forward in digital technology and experiences as a concept. 

The Metaverse looks to combine aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain technology to allow users to interact virtually. At this point, you can think about the Metaverse as the next step in technical evolution as web browsers connect users to content and information such as social media platforms connect its users as well to online communities. Going further, the Metaverse is expanding with bigger strides as it connects people to immersive virtual worlds where digital and physical convergence under the umbrella of blockchain.

Juice It Up: Who We Are

Initialize Metaverse is a 6 months virtual conference being organized in collaboration with Terra Luna & Draper Dragon Fund, with Polygon as Ecosystem Partners. The conference will ingeniously explore the evolution of existing fields of work in DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Identity & Gamefi, all focused on their contribution to the Metaverse. It aims to locate amazing startups or products on the global metaverse map. As a Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios, its ecosystem organization is aimed at working towards enabling mass adoption of Web 3.0 in India.

While this news hit the cables, there’s so much as well in the offing which you can’t miss out on. At the amazing Initialise Metaverse event, 30+ Speakers will be featured, alongside 20,000+ attendees with over 100hr+ hours of Content and an amazing streak of 15+ Sponsors to the event. In lieu of budding a viable ecosystem, the Mission of Initialize Metaverse is to build a healthy ecosystem for web 3.0 in India. This motive is geared towards encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship as well.

About This Event 

Metaverse Bytes is going to be about understanding ‘Metaverse’ and how the future is going to shape up with that. We will explore the building blocks of Metaverse i.e. DeFi, NFT, DAOs, Identity & GameFi. We have an amazing list of panelists for the discussion who will share their expertise in an interactive once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Agenda for the meetup is as follows:

Panel discussion on “What is Metaverse and its future? Building Blocks of the Metaverse: DeFI, NFTs, Identity and DAOs”

Speakers for the panel:

1. Shenoy Phalgun: Founder, Supermeta 

2. Deepansh Singh: Co-Founder & CEO, Polkadex 

3. Travis Wu: Co-Founder & CEO, Highstreet

4. Anuj Kodam: Co-Founder & CEO, Wallapp

5. Irfan Khan: Co-Founder & CEO, Hypersign

You can sign-up for your spot here

Here is what the event organizer has to say.

“Metaverse is an alternate reality where the web3 power of Computing and Bandwidth meets the boundless creativity of humans. AIOZ looks forward to contributing in more than one to the multi-faceted dimensions of the Initialize Metaverse” said Emraan.

Furthermore, the event is free of cost and will be streamed online. The recording will also be reshared on its social channels. To avoid any unforeseeable mishappenings, the video link will become live 10-15 mins prior to the event.

What to expect? 

If the interactive and exclusive access to the world of metaverse does not tickle your bones enough, here are additional incentives. 

  1. Discover the latest trends within the metaverse and beyond.
  1. Explore the latest blockchain innovations from forward-thinking leaders and emerging startups.
  1. Experience some of the most innovative blockchain and crypto projects firsthand
  1. Connect with global experts.
  1. Get actionable insights and learn topics such as Metaverse, Defi, Gamefi, DAOs & lots more.

The Metaverse is expanding and here is your chance to become an active part of it. 

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