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Introducing “Metabonding”

Web 3.0 is the next iteration of the internet that focuses on decentralization. It aims to create a level of transparency, where smart contracts will control user data and transactions instead of centralized organizations. Having experienced different Web inventions, Web 3.0 came with its own unique feature which gives its users the ability to own. Web 3.0 wasn’t invented as the innovation of other disruptive technologies in the tech space.

While this invention still seems to be in the metamorphosis stage, the transition from one internet generation to the next was marked by a group of startups. These Startups captured the imagination of end-users and investors alike and went on to create new technologies and value in the market. This is why it’s exciting to announce the introduction of  “Metabonding”, the ultimate community bootstrapping product for Web3 startups.

What’s Up for Grab

Metabonding is a Web3 bonding fire and will become the golden standard for community building. More to note in this regard is that the Metabonding will be the front page of the Elrond builders scene. Elrond aims to build a high-throughput blockchain that aspires to build the next internet-scale Blockchain, recognizing that most scalability efforts by other projects are not sufficient in that the efforts are merely “kicking the can down the road”. 

Elrond is set to create a blockchain that is capable of 1000x more than most existing blockchains. This improvement of transaction throughout allows Elrond to handle even the most aggressive wave of user adoption. Projects building on Elrond will be able to establish a long-term commitment with the most hardcore community members, by distributing 10% of their token supply to EGLD stakers and LKMEX stakers, over the course of 2 years.

A Step by Step Procedural guide:

To fully understand how to get fine with the system, the Elrond project has the following steps outlined.

  1. The “Metabonding” section of the Maiar DEX will go live soon, with the first three participating projects.
  1. Official EGLD staking and LKMEX Metabonding snapshots will begin on March 15. 
  1. Official Metabonding claims of new tokens will begin on April 15 as well. 

Having followed the guide projects that register for the Metabonding will see a rapid adoption taking place in the Elrond ecosystem. The benefits from this ecosystem will include:

  1. Awareness from the entire Elrond community
  2. Metabonding snapshotting template
  3. A staking program template
  4. Listing on the Maiar DEX
  5. Listing on the Maiar App
  6. “Learn and Earn” style campaigns
  7. Trading competitions

Holders, Builders, Contributors

Every successful project first starts and launches out well by building a healthy community and eco-friendly system. Building a community is crucial for web 3 startups to be successful. Getting a significant amount of the right kind of community right from the start can supercharge the bootstrapping process of startups. The Elrond project values community tremendously. The invaluable group of people who have gathered around its shared values of hardcore building and open collaboration towards a better financial system has further strengthened and driven its growth as well.

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