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Jelurida Blockchain Developers Launch First-Ever On-Chain Bridge App

Jelurida launches first-ever on chain bridge app named Bridge Champ. The European blockchain development studio has designed an application that has been built on the Ignis, that is based on the Ardor child blockchain.

A news article on UTODAY said that the Jelurida has launched an on-chain version of the bridge. It will be a card game that is based on strategy and called Bridge Champ. Now, anybody can easily set up their white-label bridge game environment. 

Using the game, traders can now make use of the blockchain. Besides, they can utilize other features, including game tokens and cheat prevention. It will run online bridge championships, and players cannot be created and are secured in all the games. 

The game was designed in a way where all the functions are automated. Players will note the game comes with an infusion of a gaming engine along with API functions and third-party integrations. 

Using their official Twitter platform Jelurida blockchain software firm posted the information. 

The game also comes with video and audio sharing plans. Additionally, the gamification tools can easily turn online bridge gaming into cash. Some of the main components of the game include registration and competition tools.

Lior Yaffe, the CEO, said that the blockchain development firm has partnered with Bridge Online Academy to design a “bridge play and tournament” engine. A news publication on Coingenius also confirmed the news on Jelurida developing its first on-chain bridge app. 

Ardor has been actively taking part in games and related activities. It also hosts Triffic, which is a reality app for rewarding users for moving around. In this game, users can hunt for beacons on the app.

It helps advertisers target their audiences using their location. The gaming activity trends have been on marginally high during the pandemic. According to gaming experts, close to 2 billion gamers are present worldwide. 

Close to 35% of American consumers had confirmed they tried new games. These are good signs where the game operator would want to see new users take part during this time. It is not surprising that blockchain firms, which can make strides in the elephantine gaming sector.

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