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Justin Sun Wants TRON to be a Legal Tender in Five Nations by 2023

This year, Justin Sun, TRON’s creator, plans to get TRX, the cryptocurrency Tron uses, recognized as legal tender in five nations. Sun tweeted that while the target is “ambitious,” he is “confident” in its attainability. In a different Twitter thread, he emphasized the need to seek beyond the United States to have TRX recognized as legal cash.

Sun further acknowledged the significance of crypto laws in the United States and stated that if the rest of the world embraces TRON as legal cash, the United States will soon follow suit. As a result, he believes it is critical to engage on a global scale and form alliances with governments and corporations worldwide.

How Will This Help TRON? 

According to Sun, increasing the number of nations that recognize TRX as a form of legal cash will boost the “legitimacy and usage” of the cryptocurrency.

TRON will also become a legitimate method of exchange in the country if designated as legal money. Sun explains that this will lead to an increase in the number of businesses that accept TRX as a form of payment, which will, in turn, lead to an increase in cryptocurrency usage.

Moreover, he believes that if the government recognized TRX as a form of legal cash, it would make it much simpler for companies and individuals to conduct transactions using TRX, ultimately leading to its more widespread use. Moreover, Sun also feels that the growing acceptance will “benefit the entire ecosystem” and enhance the demand for TRX, increasing the cryptocurrency’s price.

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