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KuCoin lists MAHA token from MahaDAO

KuCoin, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced MahaDAO is joining the trading platform. MahaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to bypass the cryptocurrency market’s volatility using MAHA, its governance, and utility tokens.

Recently, the token was listed on CoinGecko as well and had been trending the past few days. This listing is another victory in the bag for MahaDAO and signifies the company going mainstream. With this listing, crypto users will be able to trade MahaDAO in MAHA/USDT and MAHA/BTC pairs. 

How will KuCoin listing benefit MahaDAO?

KuCoin is one of the most used crypto exchanges because of its low transaction costs and extensive crypto listing. By adding a MAHA token from MahaDAO to the list, the exchange shows its belief in the platform’s potential.

KuCoin will commence trading of MAHA tokens on May 26, 10 am UTC and the withdrawal process on the next day at the same time. Currently, users can only trade using MAHA/USDT and MAHA/BTC pairs which will hopefully increase soon. 

MAHA is a governance and utility token for ARTH token in the MahaDAO ecosystem and gives the holders voting rights for several aspects. With KuCoin listing the token, MAHA token holders will be able to trade the token for either USDT or BTC. 

About MahaDAO

MahaDAO is a community-powered DAO organization with a vision to empower the lives of billions by preserving their purchasing power through ARTH, the world’s first valuecoin. ARTH is a valuecoin that tackles US Dollar inflation, is resistant to financial crises and low volatility. 

The token is pegged to various traditional and crypto-assets such as USD, Bitcoin, Gold and other prominent fiat currencies. Due to these pegging mechanisms, the value of ARTH tokens will remain constant for a significant period. The token is designed to protect its holders from inflation and promotes decentralization. 

MAHA token plays a crucial role in the ecosystem as it is the governance token for ARTH valuecoin. It makes sure that the system remains decentralized and free from manipulation by any single entity. 

Listing on KuCoin is an essential milestone for the MahaDAO ecosystem as it will open more use cases for the MAHA token and allow holders to trade it for their preferred asset. ‘

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