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Legendary SimCity Creator Part of Ripple’s $100,000,000 Gamble Bringing XRP to Gaming

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Ripple has made its largest investment yet to date, and it is taking excellent shape in the form of bringing XRP to the gaming industry. 

According to a news article on Dailyhodl , Ripple had partnered with a blockchain gaming startup firm called Forte. This was early 2019 when they had placed $100 million for the purpose of designing games, which can be played using blockchain technology. 

The XRP and Interledger Protocol (ILP) helps the gaming sector to make profits along with cross-chain interoperability. The startup Forte did not hold back, and has announced a barrage of gaming partnerships, including Gallium Studios.

Gallium Studios is owned and founded by Will Wright, a legendary gamer. He was also instrumental in the design of the Sims franchise. Gallium Studios, a new independent game studio from Will Wright, and Lauren Elliott tweeted about the development.

Will Wright was excited about the partnership because he feels that the gaming development is moving in the right direction. Wright added that the gaming industry wins when there is scope for improvement and innovation infused together. 

Lauren Elliott, the co-founder of Gallium Studios, was happy with the proposal and thought that these kinds of partnerships allow the community to betterment the content created. 

A news article on Bitrss, said that the results of Ripple’s largest-ever investments are now starting to show. With this partnership, there are forging with new focus and enthusiasm in the gaming industry. 

They want to design collaborative games, enabling players to engage in games that are original to them. Game developers will be tested in the creativity aspect, which is hurting the industry for quite some time. 

The kind of games and the platforms used are not yet released. Forte, the gaming startup firm, works with Monster Ideas, GC Turbo, and Penrose. They are confident that their partners are headed in the same direction in proprietary blockchain-based economic technology.

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