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Logan Paul YouTube Star Turns Himself into NFT Pokémon Card

Logan Paul, who is a YouTube star and boxer, has decided to turn himself into an NFT Pokémon card. The bidders who win on Paul’s auction of Pokémon card packs get a limited edition of himself.

A news post on cointelegraph claimed that the controversial YouTube celebrity, Logan Paul, who is a boxer, decided to turn himself into the nonfungible token (NFT) Pokémon card. Market analysts say that it is part of a self-promotion gimmick. 

Bondly, which a decentralized e-commerce platform accounted for on February 4th, 2021, will design a limited edition of 44 NFTs. The NFTs will feature a holographic image of Paul wearing his boxing gear.

CryptoLadyGabi is crypto, and NFT creator had this to tweet about YouTube boxer Logan Paul turns himself into an NFT Pokémon card.

It will be designed as a Pokemon card. Paul will distribute the NFTs to the winners of the auction in his upcoming Pokemon Box Break. The YouTube star has acquired six unopened boxes of his first edition Pokemon cards.

The Pokémon cards were over 20 years ago. Logan Paul has spent close to $2 million on the Pokémon cards. He claims that the box contains 36 cards, and he will be auctioning them one by one between February 4th and February 11th. 

Logan Paul plans to use the Goldin Auctions sports collectibles platform. He will unbox and open the card packs for the auction winners in a live stream on Pokemon Day. The Pokémon Day will be held on February 27th in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the game. 

According to information, the Pokémon cards describe Paul as a tall and thick human being who is a legend. Users will need to bid a minimum of $10,000 on each of the card packs. Now, only seven have been bid so far out of the 24 packs of cards.

Logan Paul became famous because of his content on the social media platform. However, he has smoothly transitioned to boxing. Readers will be delighted to know that he was supposed to have a fight with Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match on February 20th. 

The boxing match has been postponed indefinitely earlier this week. Floyd Mayweather, a professional boxer unbeaten in his category, received a considerable sum for promoting the initial coin offering in 2017.

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