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LuaSwap (LUA) Multi-Chain AMM Launches on TomoChain (TOMO)

In a significant development, LuaSwap (LUA) Multi-Chain AMM Launches on TomoChain (TOMO). A new-gen automated market will help in the trading of the TOMO community. 

A news post on said that. LuaSwap’s (LUA) Ethereum-based version was launched last year in the month of September 2020. The version is live on TomoChain (TOMO), which is a high-performance blockchain. 

LuaSwap (LUA) is an automated liquidity protocol that can be used for several blockchains. LuaSwap (LUA) shared a press release on the automated liquidity protocol that offers TomoChain users a chance to make trades having nil gas expenses. 

Gold13Dragon is a market analyst who likes to follow the latest on the bitcoin market had this to tweet on LuaSwap (LUA) Multi-Chain Liquidity Protocol Goes Live on TomoChain (TOMO).

The best part is that the order fulfillment can be done quicker. It is because TomoChain-LuaSwap interaction does not come with network congestion clogging Ethereum (ETH). TomoChain-LuaSwap system will add a new block in few seconds.

It is capable of operating at 2,000 transactions per second. The integration will let a sublime interaction between TomoChain (TOMO) and Ethereum (ETH). Traders can now use Ethereum-based tokens or (ERC-20 assets) on TomoChain (TOMO).

LuaSwap (LUA) already includes the TomoX protocol for DEX creation. Additionally, the TomoDEX exchange is maintained by the TomoChain (TOMO) team. Long Vuong, the founder of TomoChain and CEO, says that interoperability integrates LuaSwap into the TomoChain ecosystem. 

Vuong feels that Ethereum is one of the most powerful platforms in the market. 

Vuong feels that ETH uses cross-chain interoperability, which is why the concept is crucial for the TomoChain ecosystem. Vuong is confident that the community will reap the benefits of using LuaSwap on TomoChain.

Community members will at least not swap tokens on the network for a low cost. LuaSwap wants to reward its liquidity vendors next month of February. Their promotional campaign will have native tokens distributed among traders and liquidity providers.

The staking of LUA tokens is presently using the LuaSafe passive income mode. Participants who are interested in joining the program may want to give it a try without delay. LuaSwap is planning to hold the program next month, with more details awaited.

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