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Magic Eden Makes Cross-Chain NFT Trading Accessible by Launching an NFT-Focused Bitcoin Marketplace

Did you hear? You can now trade cross-chain NFTs on Magic Eden. 

Magic Eden, the leading cross-chain NFT platform, recently announced the creation of a Bitcoin marketplace for digital artifacts. This one-of-a-kind, fully audited marketplace, built on the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem, will provide customers with an industry-leading user experience and interface, making NFT trading simple and accessible to all.

The Bitcoin ecosystem has become the latest location for collectors to discover digital art, with over 400,000 inscriptions or digital artifacts made on the platform. These digital artifacts, which range from photographs to audio samples, are securely inscribed on the blockchain and linked to the network’s smallest unit, a Satoshi.

Magic Eden is now using this go-to digital art gallery of collectors in the web3 world to construct an infrastructure that supports Bitcoin inscriptions, with wallets and explorers creating support on a daily basis.

Features, Partnerships, and Future Updates: 

Since its inception in 2021, Magic Eden has provided the most user-friendly experience for collectors and traders alike in the NFT communities on Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon.

The platform provides analytical functions and a loyalty program to give customers significant perks such as decreased marketplace fees. Hundreds of creators rely on its Launchpad offering to bring their collections to life and build their communities through marketing and market strategy support.

Now, with its new bitcoin marketplace for NFTs, Magic Eden plans to introduce two non-custodial wallets, including Xverse and Hiro. These wallets will be connected to allow users to perform transactions similar to the Phantom experience, including efficient purchasing, selling, listing, delisting, and transaction facilitation.

With the plan to complete the development of this marketplace in a month, Magic Eden has rented a popular Airbnb in California to bring together multiple devs and complete the marketplace within the finalized time. 

Magic Eden will also collaborate with 13 leading collections on its launch. This will include collaborations with collections like Inscribed Pepes, Taproot Wizards, and Bitcoin Bandits. 

As part of this collaboration, collectors can see artifact information such as age, name, inscription numbers, ordinal rarity, and more by filtering collections within the marketplace. Moreover, as Magic Eden’s NFT marketplace matures, the team intends to improve the platform to provide a more advanced and well-rounded experience. 

With so much to look out for, collectors expect extensive adoption, convenience, and popularity of this bitcoin marketplace for NFTs on Magic Eden. Having said that, this first-of-its-kind initiative may take over a great percentage of the NFT marketplace, just as we have seen the launch and adoption of fractional NFT marketplaces like Ommniverse achieve. 

Besides, if we look into the fractional NFT adoption, collection, and usage of its popular marketplaces like Ommniverse, the opportunity this approach brought for NFT investors to collect the rarest of NFTs was a beneficial approach for even the small-scale investors and collectors. 

Moreover, Ommniverse’s audited platform supports safe and easy-to-access fractions of rare NFTs; this trait has made the platform win the NFT collector’s hearts by being a potential bet for fractional NFT investment. 

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This positive acceptance, trust, and consistent adoption of Ommniverse in the fractional NFT marketplace prove that collectors are willing to have a run for their money through safe, unique, and efficient platforms. Now it’s time to wait and see whether Mgic Eden’s NFT marketplace wins the collectors the same way or becomes another forgotten crypto platform’s updates.

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