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MahaDAO, the world’s first non-depreciating currency

DAO refers to a decentralized automated organization, which means an organization that is run by its community. For a DAO to run successfully, it must be self-reliable and have a governance token whose holders can vote on the decision pertaining to the ecosystem’s growth.

One of the DAO’s of the crypto world that has set its mark is MahaDAO, a community-driven platform that uses democratic frameworks such as governance portals, forums, and the power of social discourse. 

MahaDAO offers a variety of products powered by its two tokens, MAHA and ARTH. MAHA is a governance token that helps in the governance of the ecosystem as its holders can vote on decisions such as stability fees, saving rates, direction, strategy, and future course of action.

Whereas ARTH is a decentralized algo currency that tackles depreciation by retaining buying power to the token holders regardless of the market’s volatility. It gives its users financial freedom while limiting volatility. 

The main products of the MahaDAO ecosystem are:

  • MahaLend
  • Interest-Free Loans
  • Gasless Wallet

All of the products by MahaDAO are built on Layer 2 Protocol which makes MahaDAO the first platform to implement its value coin across multiple different layer-2 chains. This feature of MahaDAO makes its light, gasless, and easy-to-use platform. 


ARTH in itself has several unique features because of its non-depreciating nature and helps in 

  • Preserving Wealth
  • Value Stable
  • Social Good

The ARTH token is also compatible with currencies and tokens of other blockchains and offers cross-chain liquidity. It helps create a massive liquidity pool across the chains where users can stake, lend, borrow and trade. 

Road to the Future!

MahaDAO has had a profitable first quarter which involved several partnerships, the launch of their Whitepaper, GMU Research, Private Sale, TGE and IDOs, Product Development, and Community Building. 

However, it is just a start for the company as the second quarter of 2021 will lead to Private Funding Rounds, MahaLoans Launching, Team Expansion, Incubation Project Launch, and Marketing and Exchange listing others. 

But, the company doesn’t plan to stop there as later this year, MahaDAO will launch MahaLend, MahaLabs, Cross-chain Deployment, Gasless Wallet, dApp integrations, and so on.

MahaDAO is a promising project that has incubated several DeFi and Blockchain projects. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the company. 

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