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Market Watch Monday 12th November 2018

After what was one of the best performing weeks on the markets in several months, we enter into another week and another game of guessing where the markets are going to go. The gains we saw earlier in November has slid down a bit, and Sunday through Monday saw the charts touching the red. They have picked up over the last few hours, with many of the main currencies lingering either side of the zero mark. Although many would no doubt prefer to be seeing stronger gains, the emphasis right now is on stability in the market and that certainly seems to be holding.

Given the challenges facing cryptocurrencies, in particular their acceptance in the mainstream, establishing longer term stability is far more valuable to the credibility of cryptocurrency than wild fluctuations. If we can see a gradual increase in value over the coming month that builds on the current foundation, then the outlook is good for 2019. Keep an eye out on what could be another encouraging week.

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