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Market Watch Monday 5th November 2018

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Has the bear left the building? The markets have enjoyed a window of green over the weekend that has lasted into Monday morning. At the time of writing all the major cryptocurrencies are in the green, with Bitcoin edging closer to that all important £5,000 point. But before we count our chickens, let’s hope we can simply maintain the current level (£4,916.88) – after all, we’ve not seen much stability for the majority of this year and a longer lasting run in the green would be most welcome.

So what’s driving the current bull market? The current trust in Dash (DASH) appears to have had a big influence on the market, as does the recovery in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), after it cam under heavy attack from various parties in recent weeks. With a 5% increase in value over the last 24 hours, it has suddenly come back into the spotlight – but this time in a much more positive light. TIme will tell if the naysayers are going to be proven wrong.

In the current, volatile cryptocurrency market, a week is a long time, so it’s hard to speculate on where the markets will be by the end of the week. But for those who were hoping for some kind of display this Bonfire Night, then the market is putting on an attractive show!

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