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Marvel Founder Launches NFT Collection That Showcases Late Comic Artists Original Artwork

David Maisel, the Founding Chairman of Marvel Studios, has launched the Ekos Genesis Art NFT Collection. 

Original artwork by late comic artist Michael Turner and his acclaimed colleague Peter Steigerwald is featured in this new collection. Both the late artists have made substantial contributions to the comic book industry for Marvel and DC.

This NFT collection will first be launched in a Dutch auction with 955 individual NFTs on the 15th anniversary of Iron Man’s release.

The auction will last 88 minutes, starting at 10 ETH and decreasing by 0.5 ETH every four minutes until it hits 0.5 ETH, then dropping to 0.2 ETH for the final eight minutes. 

Prior to this, collectors can secure a piece of artwork by making a 10 ETH pre-deposit, which opens on April 24.

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The Ekos Genesis Art Collection: 

The Ekos Genesis Art Collection is a one-of-a-kind collection of digital art. Each piece is made out of Turner’s original line work, with some pieces appearing in color for the first time. 

The collection comprises new 1/1 works inspired by vintage Marvel comics and movies, the Pop Art movement, Marvel’s iconic black light posters from the 1970s, Broadway’s neon lights, and Web3’s innovation and vigor. 

While also incorporating artwork from the cover of Turner’s best-selling 1998 comic “Fathom.”

The early deposit of this auction was scheduled for April 24th. 

Through this early deposit, the Ekos Genesis Art Collection offers an extra NFT Early Collector Bonus to the first 100 qualified collectors who make an early payment. 

The bonus NFTs will be chosen in the order of the deposit times. In addition, the top six collectors overall at the end of the auction period will get one-of-a-kind NFTs with bespoke Fathom cover art.

So if you’re a Marvel fan, this is your chance to dive into the super-hero action-packed Marvel metaverse. Mark your calendars for the auction today!

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