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McAfee’s Magic takes to the stage

McAfee Magic | Inside Crypto Today

The legendary John McAfee is never far from the spotlight, especially as far as the cryptocurrency world is concerned. A master of controversy, his strong views on all things crypto have made him plenty of enemies over the years – but have also helped him to rightly earn the rights to the crown as King of Crypto.

Now that he has overcome his latest round of struggles in truly Batman-esque fashion, his long awaited cryptocurrency trading platform aptly named McAfee Magic has finally emerged into being. As his Twitter update beautifully summarises –

John McAfee


The McAfee Magic platform offers multi-exchange trading functionality, a relatively unique selling point that should make it appeal to many traders – apart from, of course, the sheer attraction of the now legendary McAfee name. According to the platform’s own FAQ, it is “only the second software to be worthy of the McAfee brand”.

The platform is aimed at regular retail traders, and is intended to be available in all regions of the world (depending how hard various authorities try to block it). It is powered by the ERC-20 token called FUEL (ARB), which acts as the ‘fuel’ to help run the exchange and process transactions. Users are required to purchase a membership in order to set up an account – not likely to be a barrier to the many steadfast McAfee fans out there.

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