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Meet the World’s First “Move- to-Earn” NFT Gaming Built on Solana

The Play-to-earn mode of gaming has become a popular trend amongst members of the gaming community, and this is all thanks to the popularity NFT gaming has attained in the last few months. Rather than play solely for passion and fun, people have realized that gaming can be a legal stream of income, and this has led to countless thousands embracing the blockchain world and staking their claims on the potential to change the fortune that the crypto space offers.

More play-to-earn games are sweeping the market, with the most popular of them being Axie Infinity which in August experienced an incredible flood of new users on its platform. In addition, several countries have embraced crypto-based gaming, especially in Asian countries such as the Philippines, where thousands of youths have grown attached to this model of earning income. Other countries like Brazil have also welcomed NFT-based gaming, but the list keeps growing longer.

Reports revealed that over a million people actively participated in the play-to-earn model of gaming in the last month, and the demands are growing stronger, leading to the need for a stronger and scalable platform that the Solana ecosystem offers.

The Solana Boom

Solana ranks as one of the fastest-growing layer 1 blockchains in the world and hosts several projects that span across NFTs, Defi, Web3, and a lot more. The best part of this growing platform is that it’s an open-source, decentralized blockchain network and has thousands of transactions being carried out on its platform per second with affordable transaction fees. Solana has both speed and affordability as its selling point.

Being one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the crypto world, Solana is well-positioned to introduce new trends that would further fuel the crypto revolution.

Introducing Genopets

The Solana ecosystem recently announced a new project built on its platform that would change the  NFT game for good. The world has already witnessed the potential in Play-to-earn, but Genopet has announced the introduction of the first move-to-earn NFT game, which would provide users all the benefits of the blockchain world without navigating the complexities of Web3 technologies.

Genopets is the first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT game that rewards living an active lifestyle. To thrill its users, Genopets combines real-life activities with blockchain Play-to-Earn economics which would allow users to turn their everyday activities into expansive games while earning cryptocurrency as rewards.

More details would be passed in the coming days, so community members would do their best to stay glued to all Genopets social media pages for future development and updates. It promises to be a fun ride.

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