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MenaPay Sponsors Revolutionary Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018

Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018 had the makings of the ideal Blockchain and Cryptocurrency event of the year. It showcased the revolutionary products, services and ideas that Blockchain can bring about and the ease and comfort of digital payments through Cryptocurrency. The theme of the Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018 was ‘Exploring Use Cases and Unleashing Potential’ which suited its main sponsor MenaPay’s ideal Cryptocurrency payment system.

The past influences, present-day ideas and future regulations in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencyfield were discussed at the Blockchain Turkey Summit  2018.

Since Turkey was the host nation of Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018, it was perfect for the popular Menapay to showcase it’s product and service to the Middle East and North African region. Most of the blockchain lovers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, influencers, regulatory bodies and tech-savvy individuals from the MENA region would agree that payments in their region are slow and insecure. Menapay will help reduce transaction times for online payments to less than 1 second and also ensure safety so that people in the MENA region can pay easily and merchants don’t have the hassle of returned goods and false orders due to cash payments.



Turkey was witness to its citizens backing up their belief with Cryptocurrencies after the Turkish Lira hit an all-time low against the Dollar in August this year. The main reason for this was the sour relationship with the US leading to financial constraints.

Turkey even made groundbreaking developments in Blockchain with the first Turkish Blockchain centre called The Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center (BlockchainIST Center). The BlockchainIST Center will help in researching and deployment of Blockchain technology throughout Turkey.

In September 2018, Borsa Istanbul which is Turkey’s state-backed stock exchange announced the development of a Blockchain platform. It will help store details of new customers and share documents on a decentralised network.

With Turkey developing in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency payments, companies like Menapay is much needed to facilitate technological advancements. Menapay the main Cryptocurrency sponsor of Blockchain Turkey Summit 2018 is headquartered in Turkey, and thus sponsoring an intensive event like the Blockchain Turkey summit 2018 allowed visitors to understand more about Turkey’s financial and technological side. The Turkish are technologically advanced, financially capable, hardworking and practical and this was showcased in the Blockchain event with the help of Menapay.


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