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MetaMask Now Lets You Swap Tokens From Within The App

MetaMask, an exchange wallet and browser for Ethereum tokens, announced its brand new utility giving lots of convenience to crypto tokens users.  It now allows a swap of tokens within the wallet without the need for going to the specific website of the exchange aggregator. This helps the users to carry out quick and easy transactions without visiting multiple interfaces.

Seamless Token Swap Within MetaMask

Earlier, the Token swap was a multiple-step process in which one had to sign and execute the swap on an external token exchange or an aggregator platform. Metamask brought in this useful feature to provide seamless efficiency and enhance its overall user experience as users are directly routed to a service rather than unnecessary paths and pitstops.

MetaMask To Benefit From New Service

Similar services are available on several other exchange aggregators for DeFI; however, MetaMaskmay reap some substantial benefits out of the same.The crypto traders are already using the platform to access the third-party aggregators for executing a token swap. Metamask can now leverage better engagement with its existing user base.  The wallet and exchange are cashing on its offerings by charging fees within a range of .3 to .875 percent as per the order size.

Consensys Revealed Future Plans For New Feature

Consensys, the owner company of Metamask, announced the same on Tuesday, detailing that the feature would initially be rolled out for the Firefox extension users and slowly extended to the Mobile application and other browsers.

Exponential Growth

The number of users of Metamask has grown exponentially in recent times, touching over one million active users recorded each month. The company said that the user engagement in the platform is increasing. Thanks to the nature of internet browsing in which users using one website are redirected to hundreds of other sites.

The MetaMask team said that the users are not only interested in the feature of buying and storing ETH but also want to sell, lend, borrow, and invest it. It is providing a platform to connect the sites like Aave, Maker, Yearn, and Curve. Metamask offers an easy and reliable forum to buy, store ETH, and access various DeFi platforms and protocols. Users can connect their wallets to the various sites directly.  

Well, MetaMask’s new feature looks promising, providing the ability to swap tokens within the wallet, which may impress the crypto traders using the platform.  

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