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MetaMask partners with HackerOne to launch a Bounty Program.

A cryptocurrency ecosystem is a place of innovation and constant development. Inside this universe, projects have to constantly upgrade their services to ensure a smoother user experience. One of these services that require special attention is security. 

MetaMask, the popular cryptocurrency wallet, has partnered with HackerOne to launch a bounty program with the aim of making its wallet safer for its users. This bounty program will help MetaMask to utilize the expertise of the community to find vulnerabilities in the wallet while staying ahead of Web3 threats. 

MetaMask x HackerOne

Metamask considers security to be paramount, and as an effort to ensure its user’s safety partnered with HackerOne, a leader in Attack Resistance Management. HackerOne blends the security expertise of ethical hackers with continuous assessment, asset discovery, and process enhancement to ensure maximum security. 

Together, MetaMask and HackerOne will utilize the bounty program to access any vulnerabilities and create a safe environment for the users. Moreover, the program also incorporates MetaMask’s recent partnership with Asset Reality to help MetaMask scam victims recover their stolen assets. 

The participants of the bounty programs need to create a HackerOne account and upload the report of the vulnerability on the platform itself. MetaMask will address all the reports and will reward the participants based on severity per the Common Vulnerability Scoring Standard. 

The rewards for the bounty program based on the severity are as follow:

  • Low – $1,000
  • Medium – $2,000
  • High – $15,000
  • Critical – $50,000

Here is a note by MetaMask. 

“Thank you for making MetaMask safer. And as a reminder, please do not file a public issue or discuss the vulnerability in public places like Discord, Slack, Twitter, etc., until our team confirms it is safe to do so. “

With this bounty program, MetMask is making Web3 safer for all and ensuring a level of trustworthiness in all its operations. 

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