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Modernizing the Lottery with Blockchain

The lottery has been played for centuries with the resources at hand. As time and technology evolved, so did the process of the game. With the invention of the internet, lottery games became more accessible to a wide range of people, however, the industry still leans towards unfair practices & fraudulent methods in playing & choosing its winners.

But that’s all about to change with the introduction of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology advocates transparency, security, and fairness in all sectors. Blockchain technology has been used in several industries because of its ability to optimize payments and transactions. Moreover, as data stored on the blockchain is impenetrable, it makes an excellent tool at hand to optimize industries such as the Lotto industry that are prone to frauds and unfair practices. 

Magic Lotto

Magic Lotto has introduced the concept of blockchain of the latest generation to the lottery industry to create a rewarding and fair platform for users to enjoy. It is the first online lottery developed on Blockchain of the latest generation to offer unlimited scaling, transparency, and security in all transactions. Magic Lotto has become very successful and popular, with over 17,000 registrations and almost 1,500,000 tickets raffled.

It is a simple to play process like any other lottery, and players just need to register on MagicLotto and select the game they want to play. The company offers a variety of games such as Magic Lotto 6/49, 7 Plus Lotto, Jokerball, and Free Jokerball, with Magic Lotto 6/49 being the most popular one with the most rewarding game pools. 

Apart from the variety of games Magic Lotto offers, it also has several advantages making it a competitive platform. 

  • Magic Lotto uses blockchain technology to ensure security and transparency.
  • While being transparent, the platform does not share the player’s name to protect anonymity.
  • All the tickets can be purchased using QDT cryptocurrencies.
  • Magic Lotto has an affiliate program where users can invite their friends for more rewards.
  • The winnings are automatically assigned to the winner and can be instantly withdrawn without any hidden fees. 

Moreover, players can create their own networks and invite players to earn on their winnings to generate a passive income. Magic Lotto has developed a truly fun and secure lotto experience for the players tired of unfair practices. 

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