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Move Aside Play-to-Earn, Sleep-2-Earn is the New Way To Go!

The most recent idea to emerge from the area of Web3 is called “Sleep-2-Earn,” and it does exactly what its name suggests: it gives participants a chance to earn rewards while they are engaged in the activity that they take the most pleasure in performing.

Hold on, what? Sleep 2 Earn? Is this for real? Yes – if you’re living in the web3 era, you’ve arrived just in time to make the most of sleep-2-earn opportunities! 

Here’s our list of the top 3 sleep-2-earn projects you can opt for.

Top Sleep-2-Earn Projects You Should Follow: 


SleepBe is currently in first place on our list. SleepBe is a novel departure from the conventional Play2Earn models that are already available on the market.

The team at SleepBe has given serious consideration to the well-being of its customers, and as a result, they have devised a system in which users may earn rewards simply by sleeping. It encourages a healthy lifestyle and cuts down on time spent in front of screens, including late-night scrolling.

In addition, the in-game Genie tool is a welcome addition that serves as a source of inspiration and direction throughout the adventure. Therefore, if you are seeking a method that is not only more intelligent but also better for your health, SleepBe is the way to go!

  1. Sleep City: 

Sleep City’s new software and NFT pillows show how to make wealth while you sleep. Sleep, turn on the app, receive SCT tokens, and upgrade your pillow to get more coins. Sleep City is a decentralized metaverse where people can get money by sleeping.

What else? It is a SLEEP2EARN metaverse ecosystem that comprises the SCT token and a novel app that embodies the idea of sleeping and earning money with NFT pillows. Simply go to bed, launch the app, collect SCT tokens, and upgrade your pillow to earn more coins.

  1. SleeFi:

Web 3.0 lifestyle app SleeFi focuses on sleep, our most important daily activity. SleeFi, based on sleep-to-earn, is one of the most innovative ideas on Avalanche protocol. The game blends NFT play-to-earn with sleep-based gameplay.

NFTs can be obtained by users in the form of sleeping beds. They can also earn digital tokens in SLFT while sleeping, which can be utilized in the game or sold for profit. With this new revolutionary concept, SleeFi P2E gaming software seeks to enrich the lifestyles of millions of users.

Sleep-2-Earn Project Overview: 

The concept was created by the appropriately called ‘The Snuggle Squad,’ and it entails rewarding its members for good sleep and rest habits with ‘Zzzs’ points. These points will be rewarded at a variable rate based on the user’s account type, streak, number of ‘Chets’ held, method of operation, rarity, traits, and other factors.

Zzzs points can then be used to purchase The Snuggle Squad merchandise, gain access to additional audio and activities in the project’s app, bid on access to the project’s whitelist, mint, and trade NFTs, participate in raffles, trade with verified community creators for services, and eventually buy and sell Zzzs tokens on Solana DEXs.

Sleep-2-Earn would first award users for good sleep habits based on device activity and bedtime alarms set. As software and technology development, such a reward structure will expand to precisely tracking users via wearables (although having your biometrics tracked will never be made mandatory).

Sustainability, like other outlandish Web3 concepts like move-to-earn, is a major concern for the project. According to its concept description (where you can also learn more about its complexity and incentive system), obtaining mass mainstream adoption from non-crypto users appears to be its preferred path to long-term success and utility.

So which one of these platforms are you excited to head to and earn amazing rewards? 

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