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Must-Reads to Explore Web3 and the New Face of Crypto

The whole cryptocurrency industry was established under the notion that it could become the end-all-be-all solution for everything money and currency-related. Poverty? Crypto is the answer. Overseas payment methods without hassle? You got it, boss! Everything else that involves money and the management and storage of it? Crypto’s got just the right tools for you.

Nowadays with tons of projects popping in and out of nowhere it’s hard to even recognize crypto anymore especially if you’re one of the pioneers in the industry and had just got back ‘cause you remembered you may have kept a couple bitcoins locked away in an old hard drive, but I digress.

If you’re someone who’s either looking to rediscover crypto, be given a quick refresher on what’s new and popular in this trillion-dollar industry, or perhaps just looking to find good reads on the internet that talks about cryptocurrency and its current wonders. Whatever the case may be, this one’s for you.

So get yourself comfortable and let’s dive deep into the rabbit hole of the best articles that will help you explore and discover the freshest and the most recent scoops in the world of cryptocurrency!

The List
This list has no order of relevance and is made with no direct idea of what’s the best among the rest or whatnot, and every read is something that’s curated for every cryptocurrency enthusiast! 

  • Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash
    Why You should read it: This is where the whole industry started, and despite this infrastructure being 10+years old, the whole industry still revolves around its fingers. Reading the bitcoin whitepaper will allow you to gain a rather open perspective on how everything in the industry started. Additionally, it may provide you with an untainted biography and description of how the industry started!

    Ultimately, the bitcoin whitepaper isn’t a good read for reading’s sake, it’s a trove of useful information that you could acquire for yourself, should you decide to take the industry seriously and begin building!
  • Adlunam: Engage to Earn, Proof of Attention Web3 Investing Platform 


Why You should read it: Adluman, being one of the most profound web3 launchpad projects in the current age of cryptocurrency, offers the best form of fundraising mechanism that the whole crypto-world has seen—Initial Dex Offerings. Incorporating the use of Decentralized Exchanges in helping independent projects be funded by die-hard supporters safely and securely, while at the same time providing projects with all the leverage they need to succeed in the industry!
Adlunam also offers indispensable mechanisms that would allow projects to gain dedicated supporters and a community that is built organically!

So if you’re a visionary in the industry who wants to build a project from scratch someday, Reading Adlunam’s whitepaper is a great start in getting to know one of the most impressive projects of this day and age! 

  • Scallopx: Digital Money. Simplified.
    Why You should read it: Vying to become the pioneer of cryptocurrency banking in the industry and beyond, Scallopx is a new-age DeFi project that works to become to integrate the convenience of traditional banking systems with the benefits that one could acquire with decentralized cryptocurrency principles.

    They say that the introduction of this new-age of banking is bound to change the way we look at money forever, with it becoming even more powerful and democratic compared to the current paradigm of currency and economy which revolves around capitalistic principles.

    In any case, Scallopx makes a great promise, which will be a great spectacle to observe the progress of. And since what Scallopx envisions is something that would directly affect the future of cryptocurrency should they be successful (which they will), getting a good amount of early information is more than enough to equip you for when it finally comes!
  • Elfin Games: Create, Play and Earn!

Why You should read it: Revolutionizing NFTs and the whole paradigm of Web3.0 Gaming, Elfin Games is an indie-Web3.0 Gaming Company that quickly cemented themselves as one of the most recognizable project launchers in the industry. Ushering the age of Web3.0 Gaming, thanks to their roster of great games that reconciles Metaverse, Gaming, Earning, and Community-Building aspects in a jam-packed title that’s on par with the industry’s most remarkable games of the century, Elfin Games is one of those projects and companies in the cryptocurrency world that you should observe closely, whether you’re a casual investor or a project manager looking to build your own game in the verse.

Reading their gitbook’s contents gives you ample knowledge of what goes on in their heads when they think of Web3.0 Gaming, providing you with an expert’s insight on what’s going to be relevant, which one wouldn’t stand a chance, and which concepts will slowly gain traction once Web.3.0 and Web3.0 Gaming sinks its claws into the crypto world!

  • A Community-Focused Web3.0 Casino
    Why You should read it: is one of those online casinos who just found what works for the customer and the enterprise, and implemented features that would suffice it without hesitation. A community-centric casino that doesn’t only offer full-range entertainment thanks to the integration of traditional fiat casino disciplines, as well as decentralized cryptocurrency casino principles that help users earn money and succeed in the industry through DeFi concepts like staking.

    Everything that you’re looking for in a casino and a cryptocurrency project in 2023, most likely has it. So reading their whitepaper available on gitbook gives you invaluable insights on not only, but also with how S-tier casinos in the industry should display and portray themselves to their dedicated customers.
  • Legend of Cards
    Why You should read it: While not necessarily offering any reads today, the most-anticipated NFT Collectible project dubbed “Legend of Cards” gives proper insights and useful information when it comes to founding a project and presenting it to millions of potential investors across the cryptocurrency world.

    Thanks to its mysterious vibe, as well as a sound roadmap and a concept that’s never before seen in the industry, Legend of Cards aims to drive collectibility and profitability, as well as valuable ownership in the current phase of the NFT industry.

    So if you’re someone who’s planning to get his own project started, or perhaps someone looking to invest in the next hottest thing in this dynamic industry, getting valuable perspective from the guys who knew the industry the most like Legend of Cards is indispensable and would prove useful to you in the future!
  • Ethereum Whitepaper:
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Why You should read it: Though a handful to read, the Ethereum Whitepaper is one of the most essential readables you would have the opportunity of ever reading in your life. Ethereum paving the way for further innovation in the industry thanks to its scalability and complete versatility to handle even the newest of concepts in an old but still capable system. The fact that most of the industry’s most groundbreaking concepts came from Ethereum, learning about it gives you an invaluable form of insight on how its infrastructure works, as well as how it came to be.

Final Thoughts

Learning about cryptocurrency’s latest innovations and improvements could prove to be a tedious task to some, while to others it may feel like some sort of pilgrimage in hopes of getting enlightened, in this case to the newest and hottest news in the industry.

Reading these documents will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and be informed to not only what’s current and what’s hip, but it also gives you the astounding capability to create predictions and inferences based on the current stature of the market, which then helps them create smarter decisions when trading, creating their very own project, or supporting projects you deem worthy of your time and effort!

So give a few of these a read, and I promise you wouldn’t regret it! 

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