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New Crypto Asset Jumps to 467% After Surprise Boost from Coinbase – This Could Be Coming to the US Exchange

Thanks to a new privacy-centric protocol, the new crypto-assets’ value has jumped to 467% after getting an unexpected push from Coinbase.

According to a news post on Dailyhodl, Coinbase has said that it will provide support for NuCypher native asset, NU. This was given on a blog post where Coinbase said it is listing NU, NuCypher’s native asset, an Ethereum-based token. 

It can help traders effortlessly to run a node on the NuCypher network. This project consists of several projects that offer cryptographic services for applications that are decentralized. Few of the protocols include key management, data privacy, and access controls.

The NU saw a massive increase from $0.062 on November 27th to $0.352 on December 5th after the announcement from Coinbase. The figure of the surge in calculations revealed that it stood as a phenomenal 467% in just a week.

This just goes to show the power and influence of support from a reliable Bitcoin exchange like Coinbase can do. BitRss News that offers Bitcoin and cryptocurrency updates had tweeted on this. 

Apart from NuCypher native asset NU, the exchange is saying that it will also want to provide support to more than 13 cryptocurrencies in the blockchain. Some of them include Aragon (ANT), Kin (KIN), (POE), Status (SNT), Storj (STORJ), and others. 

However, they have not assured traders that these cryptocurrencies will be listed on for trading. Coinbase wants to review them and make sure that they abide by the guidelines written in technical features.

Coinbase Custody, which is the storage solution for the exchange, has also mentioned that institutions having extensive crypto holdings can support deposits and withdrawals for NUCypher, Curve (CRV), REN, and Reserve Rights (RSR). 

Henceforth NuCypher (NU) traders can trade through Besides, users can also make use of the android and iOS apps. Now onwards, Coinbase supports NU for selling, buying, converting, sending, receiving, and storing NU.

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