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NFT Marketplace “Blur” Goes Live in October 2022

Launching on Wednesday, the VC-backed marketplace Blur offers new users free crypto in the form of an airdropped gift that contains an undisclosed amount of BLUR tokens. If you’ve bought or sold an NFT in the past six months, you might be eligible for the free airdrop, but you won’t be able to claim your reward until January 2023.

The Announcement:

On October ’19, 2022, the platform officially announced its launch on Twitter. The announcement stated that:

Blur is officially LIVE!

To celebrate our launch, we’re airdropping Care Packages containing $BLUR tokens for everyone stuck in the bear market.

You have 14 days to claim 

There are three tiers of airdrops offered by this platform, from “Uncommon” to “Rare” to “Legendary,” as stated in the Tweet.

In addition, it released a blog entry on its main website. After much anticipation, the Blur team finally revealed the opening of their marketplace, saying,

Blur’s marketplace goes live today, and the Blur marketplace itself charges zero marketplace fees. In short, our marketplace, aggregator, and advanced trading tools are available to everyone at zero cost.

Key Takeaways:

  • The number of BLUR tokens distributed as part of the airdrop by the marketplace has not been made public. However, to be qualified for the free airdrop, you must trade an NFT during the past half a year. If a trader lists an NFT on the marketplace as being available for purchase, they will also be eligible for a free airdrop.
  • The users have a period of 14 days in which to receive their incentives. However, the BLUR token won’t be useable until January 2023, when it will be activated as a governance token for the Blur platform. Before that time, buying or selling the token won’t be possible.

Blur’s Features and Plans:

The Blur NFT marketplace claimed it is the most suitable venue for professional traders. The blog post that can be found on the platform’s official website claims that it is ten times faster than Gem. The OpenSea platform purchased the Gem batch buying NFT tool in April. Gem is a network for trading cryptocurrencies in large quantities. The recently established marketplace provides its traders with aggregation tools, portfolios, and analytics and does not charge any fees to participate in the marketplace.

It is not the first time that an NFT marketplace has presented its traders with the opportunity to earn tokens as a reward for purchasing and selling NFTs via the marketplace. Since its introduction in January, LooksRare has been giving out LOOKS tokens to its traders. Despite this, wash trades have reportedly been involving non-fungible tokens worth billions of dollars.

Blur’s NFT marketplace, which will be “majority-owned by the community,” has already secured over $11 million in preliminary funding from investors such as 6529, Cozomo Medici, Deeze, MoonOverlord, and others. This funding came from Web3 VC company Paradigm.

Following the completion of its first introduction airdrop, Blur intends to proceed with the distribution of a second, larger, and more involved one in November. To receive more significant rewards from the second airdrop, traders must employ Blur and list NFTs with a higher value.

Will this be another NFT marketplace that will successfully make its place among the top NFT projects in the coming times by carrying out its promises successfully with time? Let’s wait and see!

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