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NFT Project MoonBirds to Launch a Rewards Token ‘TALONS’

Moonbirds, an NFT initiative, has launched a reward token. The NFT holders can accumulate this token every day.

You may be aware of the Moonbirds ecosystem, which has made headlines in the NFT market with its impending Diamond Exhibition and Mythic Eggs. But the most important and groundbreaking announcement from Moonbirds is the release of their new reward token, Talons. This token is expected to replace the necessity for nesting inside their ecosystem.

In the Twitter Space of 18 April, MoonBird shared the news of the launch of this reward token. According to this Space, token holders can use their tokens to bid on allowlist positions in upcoming special launches. This token will allow holders to access exclusive products, collaboration opportunities, and IRL events.

The beta version of the $TALONS token will be available only to Moonbirds holders and only within the internal PROOF environment.

In a thread Tweet shared the same day, the NFT project further shared its updated plans for the next project development phase. 

Key Highlight About $TALONS:

Here are the key highlight of the announcement and launch of the $TALONS token: 

  • Moonbirds held a Parliament space to share information about their upcoming Diamond Exhibition and Mythic Eggs.
  • The Diamond Show opens on April 27 and will feature work by 22 artists. Moonbirds members who nested during the first 24 hours will receive Day One Passes.
  • The most significant news in this space was the release of their new reward token, Talons, which will eliminate the need for nesting within their ecosystem.
  • Talons will be a reward point system that Moonbirds holders will be able to use to claim art and purchase tickets to events within their ecosystem.
  • On OpenSea, MoonBird currently has a floor price of 3.069 ETH.

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