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Now You Can Make Money and Get Fit with this New and Emerging Play-To-Earn Crypto Project

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you want to step into the popular and trending web3 world and collect some crypto as an asset? This new and emerging crypto project allows you to make the most of fitness and Web3 with a play-to-earn infrastructure.

Among the race of endless Web3 projects coming out and trying to make their mark in the ever-expanding Web3 world, only a few players can attain stable grounds and constant popularity soon after their launch.

 If we look back to consider such projects, SleepBe is a good example. The project not only made the sleep-2-earn concept more accessible for everyone, but it also made stepping into the Web3 world more exciting with its unique features – becoming highly popular soon after its launch. 

Likewise, FightOut is among such platforms that have made it big as soon as its coin FGHT token’s presale launch. 

Not only is the project’s unique and revolutionary concept of combining fitness and the Web3 world grabbing people’s attention, but the smooth, advanced, and exciting user interface with helpful features is fulfilling fitness enthusiasts’ needs. Let’s explore more about this project and how its innovative concept is worth exploring below in detail. 

FightOut – Is The Hype Real? 

Before Fight Out, the health and fitness industry had seen landmark technological transitions such as self-powered equipment, artificial intelligence (AI) trackers, powered machines, and weight machines.

Despite these advancements, gyms, fitness studios, and health centers have been unable to attract enough members to function efficiently.

Although the aforesaid technologies are much needed because they provide optimal flexibility and beautiful workout regimens, they have a cost component that has remained a major issue in the market and is a barrier to mass adoption.

That is when FightOut, an innovative platform that sought attention for introducing user rewards for being active, stepped in to further inspire individuals to participate in more fitness activities and ensure that people become committed to a healthy lifestyle.

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Unique Platform Features Promoting Gamified Fitness

As a decentralized crypto initiative, Fight Out employs train-to-earn (T2E) and play-to-earn (P2P) mechanisms to help users migrate into the metaverse. So by combining fitness approaches with Web3 play-to-earn concept, FightOut emphasized the “Train Hard. Fight Easy. Win Big.” The platform focuses on the following: 

  • Motivating people to complete fitness objectives while increasing gaming delights.
  • Participants can earn badges and awards for completing in-app chores, training routines and fighting challenges, game levels, and wagering on real-life mixed martial arts (MMA) fight for extra cash.
  • Giving each participant a one-of-a-kind non-fungible token (NFT) avatar blends their real-life characteristics and represents them in the game. These avatars can be improved based on real-world training improvements made by users.
  • Making it more accessible with a simple but robust mobile application that provides all participants with a web3 high-quality interface.

The Fight Out platform has recently partnered with real-life fitness and healthy athletes to serve as project ambassadors. It includes Savannah Marshal of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition, Tailor Santos and Armada Ribas of the Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) sports competition, and Tremayne Dortch, a popular fitness blogger.

These incredible fitness professionals have shaken hands to promote Fight Out’s vision of a gamified gym experience by producing online fitness, workout, health, and motivational films to assist members in staying fit and motivated to set goals. And you’ll be rewarded with $FGHT tokens for everything you do. The platform also has a second token, $REPS, used for upgrading user avatars.

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