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Organ Transplantation Through Blockchain – Organtree


Organtree makes the impossible … possible by using Blockchain to bridge the gap between the overwhelming demand and non solved supply of organ transplantation.

How does Organtree manage to do this? Lets first understand what exactly is organ transplantation.

Organ transplantation is a medical procedure whereby an organ is removed from one human body and replaced in the body of another who needs the organ due to damage or it being missing. The organs are usually transported from the donor’s location to the recipient’s location.

Certain organs that can be transplanted include the heart, kidneys, brain, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestine, and thymus. Kidneys are the most common transplanted organs due to the rising amount of kidney failures, followed by the liver and then the heart.

Organ donors may be living, brain dead or dead. A major issue of today’s time is organ trafficking, and so legal consent has to be given by the organ donor when donating their organs.

A growing problem is a connection between consenting organ donors and recipients who need the organs due to life or death situations. The waiting lists are endless, and by the time the organ has been met in terms of requirements the worst may have already happened.

Hence Organtree comes in the picture!

What is Organtree?

Organtree is a non-profit health organisation which is founded by the highly experienced Ron Gologsky. Gologsky joined the army at the age of 18. He served as a paramedic for the elite fight units of the IDF.  In the early 2000’s he set up Heart Watch Direct which was the United Kingdom’s first private emergency service for patients with heart disease. Now Gologsky will be the first person to utilise Blockchain through his new venture Organtree in ensuring human organ transplantation is done safely, legally and in the right manner possible!

Blockchain’s decentralisation, transparency and efficiency will help create a trust system between organ donors, recipients and practitioners.  Hence the taboos and norms created will change and help not thousands but millions of lives on a global level!

The best part about Organtree is its already been active for two years, hence being experienced in various challenges. It presently has over 2,000 active members who trust their system. These 2,000 active members are registered as organ donors, recipients or medical staff, and hence they get access to a global database.


What is Organtree’s token?

The native token is OGT, which is a utility token that will serve a dual purpose. Funeral directors will be on-boarded so that funeral costs of the donors are paid through the OGT token. The digital meeting between the donor, recipient and practitioner is established via the Organtree medical API, a smart contract between the parties and the OGT placed in an OGT Escrow system.

Know more about this astonishing Blockchain development that is bound to save many lives!

If you want to be part of this revolutionary service

Visit – Organtree

OGT tokens will be on an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) which will thus enable people to trade in major Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and many others for the life-changing OGT token!

In the next feature article, we will be featuring Organtree’s vision for the future, and why the OGT tokens will help you take a step further into revolutionary medical practices.

What are you waiting for?

Be part of this extraordinary mission by joining the Organtree community.

Be the change today!

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