Blockchain Bytes Concluded Successfully By Blockchained India

Blockchained India just concluded the Blockchain bytes, a session which facilitated an in-depth and highly consumable knowledge resource pool with a rich discussion around the implementation and implications of DeFi platforms. There were detailed discussions around DeFI with Zilliqa in the spotlight. The First Session was DeFi and Zilliqa (welcome address)

ICO Analytics Report Shows 43 Percent Surge in Uniswap Traffic, Major CEX Struggle to Attract Traffic

Uniswap saw an unprecedented 43% traffic surge on its exchange, even though the crypto markets remained lackluster throughout September. The mainstream Crypto Exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, BitMex seemed to struggle to garner a substantial traffic flow. ICO Analytics reported that the traffic inflow on DEX platforms like Uniswap was surprisingly better

Ripple To Move Headquarters Outside United States

Chris Larsen, the executive chairman of Ripple Inc, said that the company is looking for options outside of the United States for shifting its headquarters as the crypto regulations are not clear and well defined in the US. Ripple Parting Ways from the US The company is considering Asian or European nations

Alchemy Pay Enables Shopify To Allow Crypto Payments

 Shopify, a well-known e-commerce software solutions company, gets closer to crypto adoption by announcing a partnership with Alchemy Pay to enable crypto payments for its vendors and partners. The firm provides e-commerce solutions to leading businesses worldwide, mainly in the US, UK, and Asia. The support for crypto payments makes