Zilliqa announces “Metapolis,” set to launch in January 2022

In recent news, Sharded layer 1 blockchain Zilliqa recently revealed that as part of its plans for the coming years,  it would launch its own extended reality (XR) platform, called "Metapolis," early next year. This will make Zilliqa the first layer-1 protocol to make this move. Zilliqa's 'Metapolis,' eager to join

Top Crypto Campaigns you should not be missing!

Affiliate marketing and referral networks have exploded in popularity in recent years. Did you know there are cryptocurrency referral schemes as well? This is one technique to earn money from cryptocurrency in a passive manner. What's the best part? Simply introducing friends to various crypto platforms, users might be earning

Ethereum-based firm, ConsenSys Launches ConsenSys Rollups in partnership with Mastercard to aid other projects

ConsenSys, a leading Ethereum software firm, has announced the launch of ConsenSys Rollups, a corporate scalability solution for prominent financial institutions and others, tackling the main difficulty of scaling applications on the Quorum tech stack. The project was designed as a collaboration between ConsenSys and Mastercard's engineering team. The creativity of projects

Blockchain Game, MetaGods, is Changing the Gaming Industry

It is no longer news that the blockchain industry is a multibillion-dollar sector with equal access and earning opportunities for everybody, with even a passing interest or understanding. People's interest in blockchain is increasing these days as it receives widespread adoption. Furthermore, most countries are warming to it, increasing the

Ava Labs gets picked for a revolutionary program hosted by Fintech giant Mastercard

In a recent report, Ava Labs has been chosen to participate in Mastercard Start Path Crypto, a startup participation program focused on examining and resolving how blockchain technology can empower use cases for individuals and businesses all around the globe. What it entails Ava Labs will engage with Mastercard's network of collaborators