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Panther Protocol’s Public Sale ends in 90 minutes, with $22 million Generated in Sales

Panther Protocol, an end-to-end privacy solution that creates anonymity for DeFi and Web3 subscribers throughout blockchain systems, has generated more than 22 million dollars in its public sale. With the auction ending in less than 90 minutes, the total money raised is now $32 million.

New infrastructure is required to achieve compatibility in the decentralized financial and Web3 contexts. Panther Protocol will make APIs and SDKs available to developers to assist them achieve privacy-by-default. Assuming that a privacy-focused approach may be done without a deep understanding of encryption or security technology,

The Panther Protocol Public Sale confirms the general enthusiasm for privacy options in DeFi. On a blockchain, financial data is publicly viewable, making it a marketable asset that may fall into the wrong hands. Panther Protocol hopes to change that story with its end-to-end privacy solution. The fact that $22 million was raised in just over an hour indicates that many individuals believe this strategy has potential. Panther is giving a greater community interaction and participation in an end-to-end privacy protocol for DeFi and Web3 participants through the Public Sale.

Reaction to the Fundraising

Reacting to the newly raised funds, Panther Protocol CEO and co-founder Oliver Gale expressed his delight over the massive support and faith received from its community as they hope to change the state of security in the crypto space. He said, “This raise demonstrates the demand for privacy across the digits economy. Be it privacy applied to Web3 traffic, the metaverse or token-based economies, Panther’s vision of interoperable, compliance compatible ecosystems will be realized. We are grateful for this overwhelming support and welcome the new community members to Panther’s mission – enhancing freedom and privacy for DeFi and Web3.”

According to Anish Mohammed, Panther Protocol co-founder, “as with duality of light, privacy has a dual nature, we are in the history of privacy where we are just reconciling, privacy’s dual nature. Panther protocol has managed to allow both privacy and authenticity, by combining zero-knowledge proof systems and selective disclosures.”

Panther to Change the Defi Space

Panther is critical for almost all DeFi users who want to protect their personal financial data and conduct secure crypto transfers. Panther is developing on Ethereum, Polygon, Flare, Songbird, NEAR, and Elrond at the moment and hopes to become the next big thing in the space.

The security platform will enable developers to deliver security options in their services without the requirement for a highly specialized team of cryptographers and privacy tech engineers, in addition to providing a powerful set of APIs, SDKs, and bespoke integrations. The goal is to build a decentralized environment that is private by default, allowing value to flow freely between blockchains.

Panther has generated over $500 million in interest in the DeFi sector, which is unparalleled. Since its inception, the firm has continuously expanded its team of professionals, which now numbers over 33 experts in marketing, blockchain engineering, cryptography, cybersecurity, and ecosystem development, with more on the way.

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