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Paris Hilton Collaboration with Sandbox

Paris Hilton recently announced that her media company, 11:11 Media, will be establishing its presence in the immersive virtual gaming world of The Sandbox. Paris Hilton has several plans for her virtual presence, which she will slowly unveil. 

The Sandbox, the leading decentralized virtual world, which is part virtual real estate and part amusement park, has over 300 existing partnerships with several industry leaders, making its metaverse one of the most happening virtual spaces. 

However, Paris Hilton has her own plans for the metaverse. 

Paris Hilton Into the Metaverse! 

Paris Hilton aims to launch a land in The Sandbox, where she will interact with her fans and sell digital goods. 11:11 Media said Hilton “is planning social and community events such as rooftop parties and glamorous social experiences in her virtual Malibu mansion” — with 11 versions of Hilton-inspired avatars.

Moreover, Hilton also aims to bring her own metaverse from Roblox into The Sandbox. She said, “Right now, we’re mostly focusing on the experiences and not the monetization because that’s just not the focus right now.” She added, “But we are going to be doing digital wearables and working with different brands, and there’s a lot of exciting projects I can’t announce yet.”

However, this is not Hilton’s first venture in the metaverse. Last year, Hilton launched “Paris Hilton World” inside Roblox with a virtual New Year’s Eve party. The event was a huge success, and the virtual world was visited by over 544,000 fans. With the new virtual world, Hilton aims to become closer to her fans without having to travel throughout the year all over the world. 

Hilton has been an avid investor in the crypto space since 2016 and has invested in a variety of startups in the industry. With this collaboration with The Sandbox, Hilton aims to conjoin her real-world businesses with a virtual space. 

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