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Picnab- The NFT solution for Photographers

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have become immensely popular because, arguably, it is the best way to conjoin the art, gaming, sports, cinema, etc., world to the crypto community. They have shown several use cases while still in a nascent stage. 

Every day, we see new NFT collections by artists, celebrities, sports teams, players, musicians, etc. However, its utilization far exceeds that of a way to gain monetary rewards. Picnab proves this by creating a platform for photographers that uses NFTs to secure photographs and showcase them on a global marketplace. 

Why do we need Picnab?

As of now, photographers and other digital artists prefer to publish their work on social media because of its vast reach. However, posting your original artwork on social media opens Pandora’s box of digital theft. There are several shortcomings of posting photos on social media, such as:

  • Everyone can use the image endlessly without giving due credits.
  • A picture cannot be tracked once posted online, which results in monetary and credibility losses for the photographer.
  • While social media has an extensive reach, it does not provide a fair opportunity for artists to sell their work to potential clients. 

All of these problems make social media a non-viable platform for posting exclusive content for the purpose of selling it. However, due to a lack of a robust platform, users have to utilize the resources at hand. 

What does Picnab offer?

Picnab is a blockchain-powered NFT marketplace that utilizes NFTs to secure photographs and digital artwork. NFTs are immutable, and by assigning a photo an NFT, its ownership becomes immutable. So even if the artist chooses to sell the NFT to a client or the copies of the original artwork are downloaded, the ownership remains intact. 

It is also a stock platform that allows users to download photos from artists all around the world for free. While the users can download the images for free, all the artists are rewarded with a PIC reward token on every download. PIC token holders can leverage the tokens to maximize their profits by holding or exchanging them. 

Picnab is an up-and-coming NFT platform that every artist, especially photographers, must keep an eye on. 

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