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Play-to-Earn and GameFi are hot topics at the GameFi Bytes conference

For the uninitiated, GameFi is a portmanteau for Gaming and Finance. It is a financial system in which users may earn money by playing video games. While most play-to-earn ventures emphasize the “game” part, the most critical aspect of GameFi at its core is “money.” The blockchain gaming industry exploded with a 2000% growth since 2020. But after the crypto bear market of 2022, it is worth contemplating what’s next for GameFi and how to put “game” back into GameFi. This is precisely what the upcoming conference GameFi Bytes focuses on.

GameFi bytes is the second in a series of virtual conferences called Initialize Metaverse. The event is organized by Blockchained India and will be held on October 14, 2022, from 5:00 to 6:30 pm IST. 

Event Link: 

Plan for the event

5:00 pm – 5:10 pm: Welcome Session

The first session (5:10 pm IST to 5:50 pm) consists of a panel discussion on ‘Where to next, GameFi?’

In this, speakers will explore if the growth in play to earn will spill over to sectors outside Web3.

The distinguished panel consists of the following:

1. Sheryl Varghese, Co-Founder & CMO, CropBytes

2. Erman Tjiputra, Founder & CEO, Aioz Network

3. Paurav Joshi, Co-Founder, KridaFans

4. HarishKarthik Gunalan, Co-Founder, Coinfantasy

The next session (from 5:50 pm IST to 6:20 pm IST) focuses on ‘Is there game in GameFi? 

Recently, crypto games have become more about speculation than plots, high-quality materials, or gameplay. The second session will investigate whether crypto games are about the fun of gameplay or speculation.

The discussion will be held by industry leaders comprising of:

1. Satheesh Ananthasubramanian, CEO, Rage.Fan

2. Akshay Khandelwal, Founder,

Akshay Aggarwal, Venture Partner at Draper Dragon and President of Blockchained India, will host the panel discussion.

This will be followed by a networking session where participants can discuss the following ideas broadly among themselves:

1. How the gaming industry is shifting towards blockchain & why is now the time to explore endless possibilities of blockchain-based gaming?

2. India leads in P2E, but will it be able to retain its throne?

3. Future of P2E.

Watch the live stream at

About Blockchained India

Blockchained India is the largest and oldest crypto network working towards adopting and promoting Web 3.0 in India. One of the ways they achieve this is by organizing free knowledge-sharing sessions to educate the community about the potential of blockchain technology, NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, etc. Blockchained India has been hosting several meetups as a part of Initialize Metaverse. It is here with its next meetup on the agenda- GameFi Bytes.

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