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Polygon Launches GameSwift – A Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Previously known as StarTerra on the Terra blockchain has now migrated to Polygon supernets as GameSwift. GameSwift will be the Steam of the gaming industry but on the blockchain. 

GameSwift allows users to play blockchain games and participate in crowdfunding such as Initial Game Offerings, and Initial NFT Offerings as an all-in-one gaming ecosystem. Moreover, the new Web3 gaming ecosystem will also allow developers to roll up their projects to improve scalability with the help of Polygon Supernets. 

GameSwift has shown excellent potential in becoming a core player in the blockchain gaming industry. It has already attracted some of the leading Web3 investors such as Hashed, KuCoin Labs, SkyVision Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, Maven Capital, DWeb3 Capital, RR2 Capital, and Qi Capital. GameSwift has already experienced success because of its portfolio of Web3 games including StarHeroes, which received a grant from Microsoft. 

“To make the platform as user-friendly as possible, all titles in the GameSwift ecosystem will be accessible via a dedicated launcher that will store and constantly update them to the latest version,” Polygon wrote in a blog posted on its website.

GameSwift CEO, Wojciech Gruszka, said, 

“As constant development is inherent in blockchain-based projects, we have made several fundamental decisions that modify our business profile. But, at the same time, it is not a radical change for our community.

By developing StarHeroes, we have built powerful know-how on implementing web3 aspects to traditional gaming. Thanks to this, we learned about the needs of gaming studios. We, therefore, decided to go a step further by creating a comprehensive ecosystem for them to solve the issues they encounter.” He added.

“On the other hand, we are builders who have always devoted their work to the community, and we see a great need to create a suitable environment for the web3 gaming community. We want to make sure that players can freely enjoy what they like the most without the need to dive into complicated technological matters.”

This partnership between Polygon and GameSwift is sure to revolutionize the Web3 gaming industry by bringing more utility to the players, more freedom for the developers and an overall optimized gaming ecosystem. 

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