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Polygon Network and Clearpool have Announced a New partnership. Here’s all to know

Following recent developments, the Polygon ecosystem will be home to Clearpool, the first decentralized marketplace for unprotected liquidity on the blockchain. Clearpool will integrate the full-stack scaling solution to give its consumers more access and better capabilities.

Polygon is the world’s first well-structured, simple-to-use Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform. Polygon SDK is its primary component, a modular, adaptable framework that allows you to construct and connect two sorts of solutions: secured chains also known as layer 2 chains, and stand-alone chains.

Clearpool’s creative product solutions will reach a wider market thanks to the integration with Polygon and its developing ecosystem, which will help the protocol to scale quickly while also providing a faster and more cost-effective way for people to engage with the DeFi protocol.

Clearpool will introduce its solitary borrower liquidity pools, thematic pools, and tokenized credit solution to the Polygon ecosystem, offering retail lenders more access to the high-yielding loan options that have made Clearpool one of the most eagerly awaited DeFi debuts in recent years.

According to Robert Alcorn, Clearpool CEO & Co-Founder, “Clearpool is being built to exist in a multi-chain universe where cross-chain liquidity flows can be efficiently leveraged by DeFi lenders and borrowers. The integration with Polygon is an important first step in the development of that vision. Polygon has a huge ecosystem which continues to grow, and we are excited to be bringing our innovative solutions in DeFi lending and borrowing to that ecosystem.” 

Previous Deals

Clearpool has announced a series of deals since the began as it continues to expand its platform. A few months ago, it announced that it had obtained $3 million in funding from several well-known crypto investors to further its decentralized finance (DeFi) objectives of allowing institutions to borrow assets without collateral. The new funding was to be used to improve the project’s protocol while also introducing new features such as decentralized credit derivatives.

Clearpool allows institutions to loan uncollateralized assets while also providing rewards and risk management services to the lenders.

DeFi lenders, unlike traditional lenders, do not have access to credit ratings or risk profiles. According to a press release, Clearpool wants to give lenders access to vital information via a real-time credit scoring process, allowing them to better identify borrowers’ creditworthiness.

About Polygon

Polygon is the most widely used Ethereum scaling and infrastructure building platform. Its expanding product suite provides easy access to all main scaling and infrastructure solutions, including L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have been widely used, with 3000+ applications hosted, 1 billion or more total transactions completed, 100 million or more unique user addresses, and $5 billion or more in assets secured.

About Clearpool

Clearpool is a Decentralized Capital Markets Ecosystem in which corporate lenders can pool their liquidity and compete for uncollateralized liquidity straight from the DeFi ecosystem.

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