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Reddit NFTs: How to Buy and Sell the Avatars in 3-5 Steps

Reddit actively invests in cryptocurrency and adheres to all the most recent crypto developments, including NFTs. Reddit is, alongside Twitter, the most crypto- and NFT-friendly social media network.

Reddit is among the most widely used social media networks. Therefore, the fact that it has over 430 million monthly active users is not surprising. Users exchange news, photographs, videos, memes, GIFs, and more on the network.

While some individuals use Reddit to explore posts, others use it to identify discussion-worthy topics. Reddit offers several monetization options for people who wish to generate income from the site.

Reddit and NFTs:

With the recent release of its collectible NFT avatars, Reddit has finally capitalized on notions becoming increasingly recognizable to its users. This might be a long-term benefit for Reddit’s most active users. Reddit’s recent NFT launch comes two years after the launch of its Avatar Builder platform, which users could modify with unique avatars available for purchase on-site. Of course, for real money. Money that you would almost certainly never be able to recoup if you took such a risk. But not any longer.

Now that Reddit has followed through on its previous vow to enter the NFT market, it is transforming into one of the ideal marriages of platform and technology we’ve yet seen on the Internet. What’s more, the best part? Getting in on it is significantly more effortless — and safer — than investing in the existing Reddit Coins ecosystem.

Your 3-Step Guide to Buying Reddit NFTs:

Buying NFTs on Reddit is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is:

  1. Create Crypto Wallet:

First, create a cryptocurrency wallet. You can keep the cryptocurrency you need to buy your OpenSea NFT avatar and the NFT itself. Reddit can only help if you remember your Reddit Vault password or recovery phrase.

MetaMask is the most popular and trusted crypto wallet in the NFT community. It’s even a browser add-on. Once set up, you may quickly acquire crypto and NFTs via markets and exchanges.

  1. Buy Cryptocurrency:

With your crypto wallet, buy crypto at Binance or CoinBase. This method converts “actual” (fiat) currency into a virtual counterpart for blockchain-enabled marketplaces. We recommend converting most of your Web3 spending into a stablecoin like USDC or USDT for future purchases. If these coins lose value, you’ll have more difficulties than losing a few hundred dollars.

Spend any remaining money on Ethereum. Ethereum’s latest Merge reduced its energy consumption and environmental effect. No Al Gore behind you! Yay!

Once you’ve bought crypto, move it to your new wallet. You’re almost done buying (or selling) Reddit NFT Avatars.

  1. Join OpenSea:

Since most Reddit NFT Avatars are sold on OpenSea, it makes sense to sign up there. If you want to sell NFTs, OpenSea is the most popular community marketplace.

OpenSea registration is easy. Assuming you have a crypto wallet, it only takes a few clicks. Connect your crypto wallet to OpenSea. After that, you can sail on OpenSea and purchase the Reddit NFTs with a few clicks.

Selling Reddit NFTs:

Once you purchase NFTs on OpenSea, you should roll your investment into something bigger. But how would you do that if this is something new for you? Don’t worry; it’s simple. You only need to:

  • On the Reddit mobile app, click your profile image, then vault.
  • You should see three dots near where it says “vault” at the top of your screen. Click on those dots, then click “show recovery phrase.”
  • Copy the password that shows up (or, if you’re concerned about security, write it down by hand)
  • Download Metamask on your phone (be sure to get it through your phone’s official app store to ensure you get the genuine article).
  • Click through any welcome messages, then click Import from the secret phrase.
  • Make a password out of the text you copied previously.
  • Once you’re in your Metamask account, click the wallet icon at the top of the screen, then the blue add network button, then the polygon mainnet, and confirm that you want to add it.
  • To use Metamask’s browser, select the program from the menu that appears after clicking the three horizontal lines in the program’s upper left corner.
  • Navigate to
  • Navigate to, and from the menu that appears, select the blue Connects Wallet icon (it looks like a bank card).
  • Select Metamask from the list, then accept the prompt that appears.
  • Click the three lines again and go to the profile section.
  • All of your avatars will be listed here; pick the one you want to sell, click the blue sell button, and fill out all the fields that appear.
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Whether you are neck-deep in NFT investment or new to this growing Web3 investment approach, it’s always a good option to buy and sell Reddit NFT avatars and make some healthy profit. Good Luck!

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