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Reina Natasha’s Soulful music – Takes you on the path to Decentralization

Commemorating the journey of awakening your soul and connecting with cosmos, nature, and inner-self, Reina Natasha has created soul-stirring music to represent cosmic vibrations and a world where everything feels fabricated but make us believe in what seems unreal. 

As a noted songwriter, music producer, and a software engineer by education, Reina Natasha produces her own music and writes her own lyrics with the objective to send her soul to others with her words having meaning so deep that it hits you hard and gets you thinking. Her songs have an earthy appeal and a connection with a much deeper self. The rapturous earthy vibrations capture the inner dimensions of her thought process as if telling a tale. Reina Natasha’s work is a true reflection of high thinking, a controlled self-reflection process that speaks volumes about true enlightenment and reaching the purest and the highest peaks of elevated thinking.

Like Psychedelics is one of her finest works that was released on February 2, of this year. The music is one of the finest voyages and expeditions into some of the most critical issues of existence. The twenty tracks that form a part of this ensemble have been arranged by Reina and the golden words that hit deep in our minds, have been penned down by this talented artist. The visuals of her collection are pleasing, delineate everything that we can connect to that brings us inner peace and a great connection to the universe where we were created. 

In her collection ‘Like Psychedelics’, she rhymes about inner soul-awakening up to where we truly are and what we should be. The songs take us straight into issues that stand out for commanding attention in today’s civilization, like women empowerment and the role of the next-generation bringing in the next evolution, and change. The song Matriarchy Rising is a shining example of how the Matriarchy is here and empowers women to lead the world with the dominant nurturing spirit of leadership. 

Decentralization in the song ‘Programmed (beyond code)’ and ‘Binary Human’

On one of her tracks “Programmed (beyond code)” Reina rhymes about being warriors. If we do not awaken ourselves to what we truly are, then those who have taken over the clutches of governing will target our body with the things we consume. It is impossible for everyone to know what their true potential is and for the world to know it is important to begin their mission. There is also a mention of smart contracts’ in the lyrical flow. An analogy is set when stress and ego are related to our never-ending need to own everything financial like assets and liquid money. Her songs are a journey through decentralization and a futuristic outlook towards everything that matters. Her wisdom and knowledge about decentralization and the financial markets are well engraved in her train of thought. 

Reina Natasha and her work reveal what is happening in the most subtle manner. Her work is a reflection of her own mentation and process of reflection. 

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