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Rick and Morty Creator Sells Crypto Art for $290,000 on NFT Marketplace

Justin Roiland, who is a co-creator of Rick and Morty, the animated series, was able to sell a piece of crypto artwork for $290,000.

A news post in cryptoglobe stated that Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, an animated series, was able to sell his crypto artwork for $290,000 in the NFT marketplace. The artwork was done by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and went for $150,000.

It is part of a present collection on the NFT platform Nifty Gateway, owned by Winklevoss. The artwork is labeled as “The Smintons” and featured in a silent auction. The auction was held on a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Nifty Gateway.

The winning bid was worth $290,100. That is valued at $150,000. 

Rick and Morty have their own official Twitter platform, which is at Interested readers can check out their Twitter account for more impressive artwork. 

Their artwork is part of a crypto art collection designed by Justin Roiland and was dubbed “The Best I Could Do.” “The Best I Could Do” collection features multiple artworks designed by Rick and Morty.

There are also top-notch animated series that include The Simpsons. Nifty Gateway had released a tweet earlier on January 13th about featuring Justin Roiland artwork. It is the “first-ever” crypto art that has been released into the market. 

Today, Justin Roiland has been able to raise more than $1 million in sales of his artwork on NFT. Nifty Gateway is the largest NFT market globally that specializes in the sale of these artworks. The platform is owned by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss exchange Gemini. 

Nifty Gateway was in the news last year in December 2020, selling a Star Wars-themed artwork. The platform was able to make a last-second bid of $777,777 to the winner. The bidder was Tim Kang, who was able to win the artwork heaped praise on Justin Roiland for his attention.

Tim Kang felt that the physical and digital spectrum of the artwork done by Justin Roiland was splendid. Tim Kang plans to bid more on Justin Roiland’s artwork in the future also through NFT.

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