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Say hello to the Salesforce Blockchain platform

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One of the world’s best known and most highly used CRM platforms is the latest big name to commit to blockchain as the journey towards mass adoption of the decentralised technology continues to pick up pace.

Based in America, Salesforce has over 100,000 worldwide users including many large enterprises and claims to offer the most comprehensive cloud-based CRM platform available.

With the new distributed ledger technology platform, organizations will be able to seamlessly share and distribute verified data across a trusted network of partners and third parties. The new platform is powered by Hyperledger Sawtooth, an open source platform for building, deploying and running distributed ledgers.

According to sources, Salesforce are keen to bridge the ‘trust gap’ that exists between employers and partners. It was felt that the transparent and immutable nature of blockchain technology would offer a perfect solution to allow network users to save, trace and authenticate data – and will to extend the CRM’s power to reduce the barrier of creating trusted partner networks.

Moving forward, the platform will not just serve larger enterprises, but will also enable small businesses to use the Salesforce Blockchain to build and maintain decentralized networks, smart contracts, and apps that could deliver better customer experiences.

Having first annouced their intention to move into Blockchain just over year ago, it is great to see that a huge stride forward has been taken.


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