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ScallopX – One-stop-shop solutions for bringing cryptocurrencies to mainstream

Digital currencies have been there for a long time, but an unintended push thanks to the pandemic have steered its journey forward. The procreation of cryptocurrencies has pushed the digital currency market to an all-new level with users wishing to use cryptos for their daily transactions. But systems fractured by large scale inefficiencies have laid bare the challenges which not many have been able to tackle. Far from the restraints of sloppiness that hampers the industry, ScallopX is one such fintech organization that uses blockchain technology at its core to endow users with a safe and secure solution. It is not just another token that can be traded as a virtual currency, indeed it is a realistic postulation as an all-in-one solutions provider that makes trading and exchange to fiat currency smoother, faster, and more efficient.

ScallopX intends to:

  • Establish an ecosystem in which cryptocurrency users will be able to use their digital assets by overcoming all the obstacles.
  • Unshackle the complexities associated with cryptocurrencies especially when used for daily transactions. 
  • Seamless conversion of virtual currency into any fiat currency of the user’s choice.
  • Promote adaptability and efficiency at its highest levels. 
  • Provide better speed, boundaryless support, and major cost advantages.
  • Provide an interesting range of products that will help users bring cryptocurrencies to mainstream usage. 

ScallopX product line-up

Blockchain by its nature is intended to keep third-party out of the process but the irony is that a current lot of providers do not offer value-added services other than trading in cryptocurrencies. To top it all, they do not think it is important to introduce new and more assets for everyday use. But there are a whole lot of restrictions put in place by providers that deprive users of the benefits. Its product repertoire is not products but concepts that aim to resolve all troubles:

ScallopX card

ScallopX is the nostrum of all the issues because it provides what is called the ScallopX card which will allow the crypto holders to use their digital assets at different places for actual mainstream transactions. ScallopX is the focal product of its stockpile. It resolves many problems by offering many features:

  • When the user sets up a Sterling or Euro ScallopX bank account they will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through this account.
  • Instant transaction processing with convenient use of the account.
  • Facilitates direct debit and exchange of currency.
  • Account-holders can easily trade with different crypto and fiat currencies

ScallopXCard provides the security of a blockchain and the convenience of a regular debit/credit card used for daily transactions. Anonymity is maintained which is why it will become easier for users to apply for the card. 

ScallopX Crypto Exchange – B2C

This is one exchange that makes it easy for the trader to get services directly from the provider. It is a B2C system that allows traders to bring order books from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges onto one platform which will help them see their consolidated liquidity ladder from a single window. It also includes other offerings such as smart order routing, spatial arbitrage algorithms, hidden orders, and portfolio analysis tools. This enables the user to view account balances, analyze portfolio metrics, discover intricate details, and much more.

ScallopX Bank Accounts – Personal & Business

Similar to a traditional bank account but with the added advantage of providing users the ability to buy & sell cryptocurrencies immediately and also exchange them with fiat currencies of their choice. They will also be able to enjoy other benefits such as secure online purchases, card payments, and remittance dealings.

ScallopX Cryptocurrency – Payment Gateway

ScallopX has ensured that everything has been covered in the circle, hence it also offers a secure payment gateway that helps in the initiation of a network where multiple traders and diverse portfolios can exist in tandem. No more facing risks of losing sensitive information while trading online, without sacrificing the beauty of speed. 

ScallopX Money Transfer – Cryptocurrency to any Fiat Currency

Unlike conventional money transfers, ScallopX money transfer intends to make inter-country transfers cheaper, quicker, and safer. Users will be able to transfer their cryptocurrencies to any other currency of choice with its transfer service.

Scallop Coin – SPC

SPC is the utility token at ScallopX with a limit of 100 million SPC. The number of coins in circulation will not be increased and will run on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC20. The tokens can be acquired by users from their own exchange and can be used to pay for any fees on its platform including exchange fees, withdrawal fees, listing fees, or any other fee. SPC also provides access to trading discount fees, voting rights for the listing of new tokens, referral bonuses, and a lot more.

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With the increase in cryptocurrency usage, opportunities are abundant yet only those will survive whose offerings stand out and ScallopX stands out. It offers an all-encompassing value proposition in a traditional setup. It is a revolutionary concept that will cloud the line between cryptocurrency markets and conventional markets and treat them as one. The market is growing and ScallopX is galloping at a fast pace to provide innovative solutions to realize the full potential of the market. 

You can start trading in the native token of ScallopX – $SPC on Bitskrix

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