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Shining a Spotlight on Top Women In Web3

Web3, often likened to a “big boys club” similar to its predecessor, Web2, has nonetheless seen women taking the lead in driving its evolution. But why is there a disconnect? The unfortunate reality is that women often lack the same recognition and platforms to showcase their contributions. In shedding light on this issue, let’s spotlight a few outstanding women who are breaking barriers in the realm of Web3 and paving the way for future generations.

Emonee LaRussa

Kicking off the list is Emonee LaRussa, a double Emmy-winning motion graphic artist. She played a pivotal role in curating the first-ever NFT for the Grammys. Beyond her artistic endeavors, LaRussa utilizes her social media presence to educate fellow artists about software tools like Photoshop. Recently, she founded “JumpStart Designers,” a nonprofit collaborating with top tech firms such as MoonPay to equip underprivileged kids with Adobe software and computers. Balancing her roles as an artist, educator, and philanthropist, LaRussa’s commitment is commendable.

Nadja Bester

Nadja Bester is a seasoned entrepreneur and startup advisor with over 16 years of experience in marketing and communications. She co-founded AdLunam Inc., a groundbreaking Engage to Earn investment platform in the crypto industry, introducing a Proof of Attention model. Nadja has played diverse roles, from directing a communications agency to contributing as a journalist for respected publications like and She has also been a board member for non-profit initiatives related to new money systems and sustainability, and a speaker at international industry conferences.

Anita Angelica

Anita Angelica Moore is a versatile professional with a background in engineering and an extensive career in business, particularly focused on portfolio investments within the pharmaceutical facet of healthcare. Post-business school, she emerged as a prominent blockchain evangelist, utilizing her social media platform to advocate for the technology’s potential. Notably, during the early stages of cryptocurrency, she discerned a need for inclusivity, aiming to involve underrepresented groups and expand the reach of blockchain’s transformative capabilities. With a commitment to driving change, Anita joined her first crypto startup in 2017, propelling her towards a resolute goal: to carve her own path in the blockchain arena. Currently she is working as the CEO of Blind Boxes, a decentralized curation platform for NFTs.

Betty of Deadfellaz

Progression in Web3 isn’t just about participation, but also about taking a stand and challenging the status quo. Enter Betty, the creator behind Deadfellaz, whose NFT collection of 10,000 distinct zombies on the Ethereum blockchain sold out within 20 minutes of its September 2021 launch. This collection generated over $9 million AUD in its first month. Betty’s impactful presence extends to building a thriving community within the Web3 sphere. Moreover, she uses her platform to address issues faced by women and call out problematic behaviors, elevating her leadership to an even higher level.

Sangeetha Rathore

Sangeetha Rathore, is a force to reckon with when it comes to  Web3 marketing and cryptocurrency expertise. She is a revered writer, Content Strategist, and Social Media virtuoso.  Currently, she steers the ship as COO at KAP Digital– a Web3 marketing agency. Sangeetha has a history of creating and nurturing social media empires of crypto projects. She has a penchant for captivating content, and has helped scores of projects build a vibrant community around them. Her marketing prowess helps these projects grow exponentially.As a writer, Sangeetha has published countless articles on platforms like Dzone. Her insights into the Web3 landscape have taken KAP Digital to new heights. 

Faith Love

Being an artist entails more than creating personal work; it involves using your platform to uplift and mentor the next wave of creatives. Faith Love, a digital Web3 artist, does precisely that. Her abstract digital pieces stem from her emotional insights. Beyond her art, Love engages in community and artist relations at MetaMask, a leading self-custodial wallet company. Here, she focuses on ushering in the next generation of artists, showcasing the power of Web3 for ownership and monetization.

Sian Morson

In a landscape where diverse voices often struggle for attention, Sian Morson stands out as a champion of inclusivity. As the editor and founder of “The BlkChain,” a Web3 publication, she amplifies the contributions of women, BIPOC individuals, and the LGBTQ community. Morson’s advocacy extends to her role as VP of Community at Science Magic Studios, a company devoted to digital assets and Web3 economies for brands. Through her social presence, she educates and onboard the BIPOC community into the world of Web3.

Inna Modja

Transforming personal pain into a catalyst for change is a hallmark of women’s resilience. Inna Modja, an artist and songwriter, harnesses her experience of overcoming female genital mutilation in Mali to drive change within Web3. Her NFT project, “Code Green,” tackles social, gender, and climate change through Web3 technology. Modja’s role as a social justice advocate includes leading philanthropic efforts for “World of Women,” an NFT project focused on women’s entry into Web3. Modja’s impact goes beyond the digital realm, co-founding a physical space called NFT Factory Paris.

Shira Lazar

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Creating safe networking spaces for women is pivotal for their integration and retention in Web3. Shira Lazar‘s mission revolves around this aspect. With a decade-long media background, she’s emerged as a prominent voice in Web3 through initiatives like her weekly Twitter Spaces, Alpha Mondays, and Women in Web3. Lazar actively supports diverse and women-led projects, combating the bias prevalent in the tech community. Her media company, “What’s Trending,” serves as a platform for uplifting women and extending opportunities to people of color.

Shaylin Wallace

No conversation about Web3 art is complete without mentioning Shaylin Wallace. A digital artist specializing in surrealistic compositions on Photoshop, Wallace’s work has graced showcases at Art Basel and international venues. She’s secured accolades such as the Silver Medal and Gold Key for digital art. Beyond her artistic achievements, Wallace collaborates with major players like Netflix, Adobe, AMC, and Warner Bros. As a Black woman artist, she has carved a unique niche in the Web3 realm, paving the way for emerging talents.

These remarkable women exemplify the dynamic and impactful presence of women in the Web3 space, underscoring the need for recognition and support for their contributions.

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