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Singapore Builds Covid-19 Test Verification Standard Based on Blockchain

Singapore is embracing blockchain technology in its fight against coronavirus pandemic, which has impacted the entire world for the last year.

The Singaporean government has developed a blockchain based standard for the verification of Covid-19 test results

Blockchain-Based Standard For Covid-19 Test Results Verification Rolled Out in Singapore

As per the local Singapore news, the country has built a smart, blockchain-based standard used to validate the results of the Covid-19 test results issued by various bodies. With the standard, the government can fast verify the documents within the country. It is important to note that many international organizations and governments have implemented blockchain based solutions to handle the Covid-19 pandemic impact.

Whether it is the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine or ensure that tests are valid, blockchain technology is being used extensively. Since blockchain allows data verification in an agile manner and offers immutability, the technology is fast adopted in a wide range of solutions. Leading airlines are also experimenting with blockchain based smartphone apps to validate data and comply with the travel requirements amid the covid pandemic.  Singapore is talking with other countries about the implementation of the standard as well.

The Minister of Smart Nation initiative in Singapore, Vivian Balakrishnan, informed about the standard developed for Covid-19 test result issuance. He noted that the system would use Health Certs deployed on blockchain technology for establishing a digital prototype.  The HealthCerts work in compliance with the global and global requirements and allows the travel process to be seamless. Using the solution, the residents receive their test results as digital certificates, which they can use for travelling.

When the users receive a negative test report, they must upload it to the Notarise website. The Notarise website will validate the digital certificates from clinics for travel at international and local airports in Singapore.  The process is backed by blockchain technology; the users receive a Notarized digital copy of the test results after submitting them on the website. The notarized digital copy will have a QR that the travellers can use at the immigration counters and airports.  The airport and immigration authorities can check the information pulled from the QR code with the data stored on blockchain. 

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