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Smart Crypto Trading with Koinfox

Cryptocurrency trading platforms have mushroomed over the past few years with most of them adding no real value. Traders and new users have a tough time trying to deal with multiple exchanges. At the same time, a few traders also make a substantial amount of money by arbitrage trading. However, the smart ones use a platform that gives direct access to major exchanges using a single account. Imagine buying and selling on exchanges from a single platform.

Koinfox is an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform with intelligent tools to make your trading simpler. It is packed with algorithmic trading and risk management strategies designed to cater to both beginners as well as advanced traders. At present, the platform has over 50,000 users from over 30 countries. It has already executed USD 70 million worth of trades over the last three months. So, what makes the platform unique and draws so many traders? Let us look at some of its features.

Trading Features

Koinfox enables easy tracking of unrealised profit and loss. It enables users to track their positions across exchanges and execute trades in a timely manner to secure profits. There is a loop feature aimed at helping the users automate buying and selling in a range-bound market. This could be extremely helpful given that cryptocurrency markets are 24*7. It also offers a trailing stop loss feature to help users optimize risks during a sudden market crash.

Advanced Order With No Coding Required

Expert traders use multiple entry and exit strategies to make a profit while trading. Beginners and ones without coding knowledge usually are unable to place these orders. Koinfox makes it possible to place advanced orders without any coding knowledge with a simple click. It empowers users to automate advanced orders and execute various trading strategies.

  •       Users can place both limit and market orders with multiple target exits.
  •       Users can also place an order with market or limit entry with multiple exits along with desired profit levels.
  •     Conditional entry and exit orders can also be placed based on the users reading of the market movement.

These advanced orders are usually used by expert traders who have a plethora of tools at their disposal. However, Koinfox makes it simple for everyone to use these strategies. These are some of the unique features that truly make Koinfox different.

Safety and Convenience

Koinfox also uses best in class security protocols and employs sufficient security measures to ensure that the funds are secure. A mobile application is also available for trading on the go and leveraging every single opportunity. The API keys are stored securely in the mobile in a decentralised manner to assure safe access to the API. The platform is designed to be lightning-fast so the users do not miss any trading opportunity. 

New users who are usually worried about the safety of their funds need not worry as Koinfox does store any keys on the Koinfox server database. It is always stored on the native Koinfox wallet making it completely decentralised and secure. So, no one except the user can access the funds. Absolute safety is one of the most desirable features in trading platforms which is offered by Koinfox. 

Koinfox is a platform that many traders dreamed of to make their life simpler. Backed by a strong team and offices across the globe, Koinfox is solving many critical problems faced by traders. For new users, the platform is also offering a cashback on trading along with a free account at the moment. Click here to create your free account now! 

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