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Solana Network Equals Carbon Neutral

In the past few months, environmentalists and other concerned parties have been blaming the cryptocurrency ecosystem for its apparently high carbon footprint that is harming the environment. While the recent studies and numbers do not support this fact, the nay-sayers continue to blame digital currencies for everything wrong. 

Luckily, blockchain is a safe haven for innovation, and every day new protocols are being developed that are helping the industry become greener. Solana Network is leading this change by becoming completely carbon neutral. 

Carbon Neutrality Solana Network

As a part of the initiative to minimize Solana’s considerably low environmental impact even further, the blockchain network achieved carbon neutrality last year. The network is funding a process called refrigerant destruction which, according to Green America, is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions. The Solana foundation is supporting this process to offset the carbon footprint of the network in the future. 

“We’re dedicated to keeping the Solana ecosystem as environmentally friendly as possible,” says Dan Albert, Executive Director of the Solana Foundation. “Our carbon neutrality initiatives, paired with Solana’s high-performance, energy-efficient design, means the community can build a sustainable web3 future for many years to come.”

Even prior to this change, Solana was extremely energy efficient, with energy consumption of only 1,939 Joules for every transaction, which is less than the energy required to complete two Google Searches. This energy consumption is also lower than other blockchain network transactions such as Ethereum, which requires 777,600,000J per transaction. 

This carbon neutrality was achieved by Solana with a partnership with Watershed, a project dedicated to helping companies reduce their carbon emissions. Moreover, Solana will also be funding the permanent destruction of refrigerant gasses such as CFC and HFC, which are 10,000 times more potent than CO2. 

By taking this initiative, Solana Network has proved again that blockchain technology and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly industry, regardless of what some groups believe. 

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