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Solana’s New ChatGPT Plugin Helps Simplify User Experience on the Network

In the race to adopt and advance with the help of AI (artificial intelligence), many top crypto platforms are introducing new and improved AI-focused features for their users – including Solana. 

According to an exclusive report from Solana Labs, the Solana Foundation, the nonprofit behind the layer-1 blockchain Solana, has formally integrated AI into its network using a ChatGPT plug-in. ( Note: Solana Labs is the group developing blockchain-related products and resources.)

The plug-in, which Solana Labs teased in late April, will first be oriented toward end users, focusing on assisting them in navigating the web3 realm. According to the Solana Foundation, it may be used to buy and list NFTs, transfer tokens, check out transactions, interpret data, and identify NFT collections by floor price.

According to Tal Tchwella, head of product at Solana Labs, Solana is putting ChatGPT into an RPC node that will read data from numerous sources on-chain and disseminate that information to inquisitive users.

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How Will Solana Improve User-Experience With AI? 

The ChatGPT plug-in will initially focus on NFTs, and given that Solana’s NFT sales by volume were approximately $58 million in the previous 30 days, the subsector is likely a smart choice because it is already heavily used by the blockchain and its users.

Tchwella also mentioned that there are initiatives on the developer front to help speed the expansion of AI inside its ecosystem.

The ChatGPT integration on Solana provides a new option for the platform’s users and developers to ask queries about the AI service while “simplifying the experience,” according to Tchwella. Instead of reading an 800-page document on a Solana-based project, the AI does it for you and can answer people’s questions.

In addition to the plug-in, the foundation announced an AI-focused accelerator program for university-level students in early April. It increased its award program for AI-focused initiatives built on Solana from $1 million in late April to $10 million today. A spokeswoman said over 50 grant applications were received in less than a month, and a few companies have already been given awards.

Tchwella further mentioned that the grant program isn’t about coming up with concepts and attempting to create them but rather about demonstrating to Solana the proof of concept of what’s functioning in AI and how it will make utilizing the blockchain easier.

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