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Sony is pushing Metaverse!

Every brand now wants to tap into the new exciting opportunity of the metaverse, and the popular electronic giant is not far behind. 

Sony, the global electronic giant, innovator, and manufacturer, has announced that the company will take a more focused approach to develop a metaverse experience for the consumers as a part of its entertainment strategy. Manufacturers of the gaming module Playstation, Sony revealed that investing in Epic Games and Bungies is a step forward in this strategy. 

Sony’s Metaverse Approach

According to the report, Sony is trying to integrate metaverse experiences into its strategy to entice more users like other gaming and entertainment brands. Sony is one of the most influential companies, and with its interest in metaverse-inspired experiences, it will surely bring a new wave of adoption. 

At the annual strategy meeting held earlier this week, Kenichiro Yoshido, the Sony Chief Executive, said, 

“The metaverse is at the same time a social space and live network space where games, music, movies and anime intersect.”

Sony’s prior investment in gaming companies such as Epic Games and Bungee suggests its new approach to integrating metaverse experience for all the users. The brand also intends to leverage its Playstation brand with one of the biggest user bases in the world to generate more value for its users. 

The company, talking about Playstation, further added that it “intends to leverage the unique strengths provided by its diverse businesses and expertise in game technology… creating new entertainment experiences in the area of the metaverse.”

Moreover, Sony is also creating hardware to support its endeavor, much like Meta, Microsoft, and other brands. To compete with these giants, Sony will work on its Vr2 line of headsets paired with the PS5 line of consoles for a familiar yet new metaverse experience. 

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