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Starbuck’s First Paid NFT Siren Collection ‘Stamps’ Sold Within 18 Minutes

On Thursday, Starbucks Odyssey, the corporation’s Web3 loyalty program, debuted its first collection with 2,000 limited-edition NFTs named “Stamps.” The Odyssey program is still in beta and invitation-only, requiring users to complete quizzes, activities, and in-store purchases to earn Stamps. However, it only took buyers 18 minutes to purchase all 2,000 NFTs soon after its launch. 

The “Siren Collection” of NFTs went live on Thursday at 12 p.m. EST, and members could purchase two Stamps for $100 each. But, according to Coindesk’s report, the site had difficulties due to a traffic overload of extensive purchases immediately after the NFT was live for mint.

Immediate Price Hike of Spark NFTs

Starbucks started its Odyssey program in collaboration with Forum3 to create a non-crypto experience, emphasizing that its NFTs ‘Stamps’ will only be purchased with a credit card.

As the NFT collection sold out in record time, the limited-edition Stamps can now be seen being offered on the Nifty Gateway secondary market for prices exceeding $1,500 for a single stamp. 

The average price of one Stamp is $442 as of Friday morning. According to data from the Nifty Gateway Marketplace, currently, the Stamps have a secondary market volume of $121,795.

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